Wednesday, 28 September 2011

If it's Tuesday it must be the Avakas...

In John's quest to show all that is good about Cyprus Tuesday was an action packed day for our guests...

Our first stop was to the beach which is on the White River bend near Viklari.  The plan was to have a few hours on the beach, followed by lunch at the White River Taverna and then on to the Avakas Gorge which John and I have been planning to walk for ages and we thought it would be a good photo-opportunity venue for Vix and me.

The weather (yes I know Brits always have to mention the weather) has been warmer again since the thunder earlier in the week.  We arrived pretty early at the beach having taken the cross country route over the hills from Droushia.  This beach used to have nothing on it but now is resplendent with colourful sunbeds and brollies and goats!!!!  How random is it to see a herd of goats looking down on you as you sunbathe!!!  It was hot on the beach and the water was cooling but it was much rougher than at Latchi. 

We had a simple lunch at the Taverna on the bend - sitting with the lovebirds (feathered - not Vix and Trev).  We amused ourselves by watching the tourists in tiny little hire cars trying to navigate the road to Viklari or Lara about to remove the sumps from their Nissan Micras!! 

Trev and John had pork chops which the guy told us were from his own pigs - he probably tells everyone that but Trev did say that they were very nice.  Vix and I satisfied ourselves with a healthy salad and not quite so healthy tsatsiki!!

Having lunched we then made our way to the Avakas Gorge - not sure what we were expecting but we were hoping to find cool and running water and nice scenery.

We parked up and started to walk and boy oh boy was it hot and to begin with we were very exposed and finding the heat a bit much. 

However, within a very short space of time we entered the mouth of the gorge and were not disappointed - there was running water and shade and stunning scenery.  We walked into the gorge for about an hour until we could almost go no further (well Trev and Vix were in flipflops and it was getting muddier and stonier).  We sat on a stone by the water to catch our breath and watch the goats before wending our way back.

Our final stop was to have a cooling drink and a walk around St George's.  It was a stunning afternoon and even at 5.00pm still very very warm. 

A full day left us all absolutely knackered so I rustled up a chicken and noodle dish which we demolished before waving the white flag and retiring to bed!

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