Wednesday, 26 October 2011

What a Beautiful Day...

So if it isn't one set of builders waking us up it is the other and today it was both!  Worse as they are laying the water pipes in the field next door we were without water yet again. 

We started our day by breakfasting outside!!  Now that can't be bad for late October can it?  At this time of year the garden that we refer to as the 'back garden' comes into its own as it is sheltered and gets the early morning sunshine so it is the ideal spot for breakfast.  We retained some of the original plants here too so you can see two Solanum and a Bourgainvillea in the background.

On the subject of plants the photograph to the left is one of the geraniums we bought for our anniversary in July.  We bought two and they have flowered and flowered and flowered with the most vibrant shocking pinky-red flowers.  I have been dutifully deadheading and removing wilting leaves and hope that they will survive the winter and come back again next year.

We decided as the day was so beautiful that we would go down to the beach today which is quite novel for John!!  We thought we would share a sandwich at the Truckers Stop and then go along to Asprokremnos beach as it is quiet and it is easier to get into the sea there than at Latchi.

The drive down to Prodromi was absolutely fantastic - the scenery is stunning and the late summer sunshine is such a bonus. 

Karavani was quite busy and 'mama' was tickled to see us and that I was taking a photograph.  We had our usual frappe and shared a beef giros pitta and chips.  At six euros it is a real bargain!

We ate our lunch and then made our way to the beach.  There are 60-odd steps down to the beach but it is most definitely worth it because it is really beautiful when you get there and as you can see was almost deserted.  

We sat in much the same spot as we did when we went with Laura and Mark.  The backdrop of the cliffs acts as a great wind break so it was really lovely and warm down there.

So warm in fact that we both went into the sea for a swim.  It was really warm and very clear and we just feel so blessed that we have this on our doorstep and the weather to enjoy it.

We had a couple of hours on the beach - John reading his book and me sleeping - it was fab - and has to beat working anytime!

As the sun began to lose its heat we decided to pack up and do a bit of shopping and then go back home.  

We got involved in a most unusual traffic jam on the way home.  A boat was being manoeuvred into a carpark and we all had to wait whilst it was being moved across the road.

All in all a lovely day.  And BONUS we had water when we got back. 

Chivs had to have a worming tablet this morning and he seems a bit out of sorts this evening so we are all snuggled up with the fire on chilling out watching Corrie Oggie!!

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