Thursday, 3 November 2011

DIY Days Return...

The clocks changing has heralded shorter days and rather more indifferent weather so John has returned to his DIY list and decided to tackle some jobs whilst I went to the Wednesday craft group.

The dilemma for me this morning was what to wear because the temperature from Droushia down to Polis can vary by about 5 degrees but I wasnt sure what it was going to be like in Neo Chorio at Jeanette's because it is further back from the coast and up in the hills although not as far up as we are.  I opted for layers to be on the safeside and it was just as well because I left temperatures of about 17 degrees in Droushia and it was 22 degrees and rising!

The origami flower heart I am making has become a real labour of love I can tell you - you could not put a price on it that would go anywhere near covering my time - it is still not finished and this is after about 15 hours of work some of which included Vicki's help!  Yes I know that we chat a bit at the craft lunch (and have lunch too) but I work steadily on whilst I am there.  I plan to finish it soon because I want to make some Christmas cards before it is too late!

Just before I left for crafting John took delivery of a load of wood - it is a bit like deja vu I can tell you - the heady smell of woodstain back in our garden!!!  The projects now on the go are to put up a curtain rail and pelmet between the kitchen and the dining room, build a flyscreen type affair for the window that overlooks the pool, and to start to some how join the two buildings - starting with a pergola over the area where we have the outside sofa and chairs.  John wants to get the curtains done sooner rather than later so he made a pattern so he could show me what he was planning.

He had also made the frame for the window - and what a difference the stain makes!  The plan is to have fly screens on the top half and the bottom half is going to be panelled and then in behind we are going to put some insulation which will stop the aluminium panel feeling quite so cold on the inside and hopefully stop the condensation that forms sometimes.  Our living environment is very different up here in the hills and we are just embracing it and making sure the house is as warm as we can make it.  The carpet man is coming tomorrow as we plan to put carpet in the lounge and dining room during the winter.

We have had an update from Irene on Minnie - apparently she is still very poorly but responding to the treatment and had eaten more than she had done previously so hopefully her mouth abscess is clearing up.  We are keeping a close eye on Chivers - he has a bit of a poorly tum again - not sure if it is because he had a good old suck on a lizard tail and/or ate a moth or that he has picked something up from Minnie or he is not entirely over his own bout of cat flu.  Poor boy can't use the litter without scrutiny - he will be getting a complex.

More updates on the cats and building works to follow

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