Sunday, 20 November 2011


Oh how we love Fridays - the start of the weekend which has always been special - I remember all those Fridays when John would be driving back from Culdrose when we were first married - Friday Evening - just the two of us (and the cats) - a nice meal and a nice bottle of wine - the tradition continues!  

The only trouble here is that the UK television we want to watch is two hours later and, as we get up even earlier than we used to when we were working, I struggle to keep my eyes open much beyond 9.00pm (and I used to laugh at Nicky when she said she had to be in bed early!!).  I got to Strictly It Takes Two and then someone pulled my batteries out!

The cats have found a new play-thing - John's foot!!!  Last night Chivers spent the evening balancing on John's trainer tormenting the hell out of Minnie Mou not that little Miss ADHD takes any notice she just keeps going back for more!!!   She is such a different character than Chivers - she just wades in with both feet (actually all four feet) and to hell with the consequences!

This morning I woke with every confidence that I would be able to get my laundry washed and dried.  If I looked over the house towards Paphos the skies were blue - if I looked down to the coast towards Latchi then it was as black as your hat - positive thinking...positive thinking...

I managed to get the washing on the line and then there was a bit of 'light drizzle' but apart from that it remained bright and not only did the laundry dry but there was enough solar heating for hot water for the shower - result!!!!

It was a spring cleaning/tidying day today as we start to get ready for Christmas (well it is more than halfway through November!).  Having had visitors we needed to get the guest bedroom clean and sorted.  Also all our  Christmas decs are in the cupboard in that room and as we had LOADS and LOADS we needed to sort out what we were going to use.

My door wreath had got a bit battered over the years and in the container coming over here so it needed some TLC so I got out the ribbon and the glue gun and gave it a makeover!  
We also brought with us a new little artificial tree which we decided to get out and take a good look at - space is limited but we have earmarked a spot for it providing it fits.

We are having our Sunday lunch today as Mum and Dad and Ray and Janice are coming over tomorrow (Sunday) in the afternoon to go to the Christmas Fayre in Stenni.  

I have spent this afternoon writing the few Christmas Cards that I am going to send back to England.  Most people will receive an electronic card and we are going to make a donation to charity rather than shell out on postage.  So if you don't receive a card in the post or an electronic card from us I will apologise now.

Minnie Mou is bored with Christmas already...

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  1. good luck with that christmas tree with those little ginger ones around x