Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A Day at Home...

After all the excitement of the last few weeks and our visitors we were having a day at home today so an early night last night with a good sleep was what was planned but the weather decided to put the mockers on that!  In the early hours the wind kicked off and went wild and were woken to the noise of brollies being blown around and furniture shifting.  John and I had to race around making sure that everything was battened down.

When we did wake all was calm and cool but bright - good weather for DIY and for housework unfortunately!  When I said previously that I had a mountain of ironing I wasn't joking - just look at it all - but today I was in the mood to do it and I was determined to get it finished or at least break the back of it - Debra needs to able to get into her bedroom and into bed when she comes and John must be desperately short of clothes!  If I had had sleeves on I would have rolled them up!

Work is easier when you have company and today I was helped in my chores by Chris Evans - the wonders of technology meant that I could tune into the breakfast show on Radio 2 and listen to Chris in conversation with Boris Becker - this must mean that Wimbledon is round the corner - starts Monday apparently.  I then had the company of Ken Bruce - not my favourite but I do quite like his Popmaster quiz so between them they helped to lighten the load and I stoically stayed chained to the ironing board determined to get the baskets emptied.

John called me to come with my camera as he had discovered Minnie Mou's secret hidey hole.  She is often missing but appears quite quickly and often from the direction of our bedroom.  It transpires that she goes under the bed and then squeezes her chubbiness up and over the back of the under bed drawer and makes herself cosy in my fresh bedding - little monkey!  By the looks of things she has been going in there for a while and picking out all the burrs she accumulates - I may have thought I had cleared my laundry but looking at that drawer I have a whole lot more to do!

John fitted the toilet back into place.  It seemed to go in easier than he had anticipated and so far there doesn't seem to be any leaks.  Then he went to finish the carport as we got the last few tiles we needed yesterday along with the extra supporting brackets from Sofoklis.  It is great that this has now been completed - tick in the box and slap on the back for John who did a brilliant job - it is great that the car is protected from the sun.  On a hot day it is so nice to get into a car that is cool.  

Whilst John was out yesterday he brought me a replacement mop bucket as he managed to stand on mine when he was cleaning the conservatory glass the other week.  I thought it was quite funny at the time but he wasn't quite so amused!!  Today I got the opportunity to use it as I decided I should give the floors a damn good mopping.  Where on earth does all the dust come from?  I can tell you where it goes - it accumulates under the bed and grows and then during the night it rolls across the floor like tumbleweed in an old Western movie!!  I have to say that the bucket did a good job and it is very cathartic knowing that your floors are just about as clean as they can be.  When I am in the mood for housework (which is not very often) I am really in the mood so my house should be lovely and clean by the time Debra arrives!

It has been a busy but successful day and we have achieved quite a bit. We are now both relaxing with a sundowner - well deserved in my book.  It looks like it is going to be busy up here this weekend as Galadia arrived early with her maid to give her holiday home a good bottoming (well she does have three bedrooms after all!!) Savvas and Persephone have just arrived - we know because Savvas is on the phone and you can always hear him on the phone even though he lives round the corner from us.  Gregoris, Theodora and Stavros (our immediate neighbours) are due here this weekend too.  Sounds like it could be fun!  We are off to a wedding tomorrow - Sofoklis daughter is getting married and we have been invited - he reminded John again yesterday when he went for the brackets so we must go - at least this time we know what to expect!

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