Friday, 29 June 2012

Jackson Pollock - Eat Your Heart Out...

Jackson Pollock??  What's that all about then???  Well I think that Gregoris and John could have given him a run for his money!!  What are they doing you might ask well they have emptied the pool next door and are cleaning out the gunk - I told them to ring Mum and Dad because they did the same for us before we moved over!  Anybody thinking that having a swimming pool is easy should think again - having a grotty horrible pool is easy - having a sparkling clean one is hard work, very hard work and you have to keep on top of it otherwise it can soon turn from clear and blue to murky and green.  Gregoris has had a problem with his pump and therefore the water has become dirty.  The only way to get it sorted was to take the radical step of pumping it out (thank you Sean and Sharon for letting us use your pump) cleaning it and refilling it whilst getting the pump sorted so once it is clean it remains clean.  Filling it up is quite costly too as we are on a water meter.  I think it cost us about €120 to fill ours and the pool next door is bigger.  Anyway it would appear that Gregoris and Theodora are serious about keeping the property and updating it so that it provides them with a relatively maintenance free holiday home.  They are having the surrounding garden paved with just a small border at the end for plants - only trouble is they want it done before August so you can bet your bottom dollar that the noisy part of breaking up the existing concrete starts when Debra is here.

As a thank you for all that we had done - well John really - Theodora and Gregoris took us out for lunch, a rather late one at that.  They decided that they fancied Fish and so we went down to Latchi and had a fish meze at Yiangos and Peter's.

I have to smile when I see the things that John will eat now compared to when I first met him when he was an out and out meat and two veg man and those two veg had to be carrG&T love ots and peas.  Nothing fancy and nothing too foreign then but now... well he wouldn't eat the mussels because of a rather unfortunate episode when he was in Spain as a youngster which gave him the screaming abdabs for days and which has left a permanent scar! and he didn't fancy the cuttlefish (on the left) primarily because they were served with their ink which he knows is considered a delicacy but let's face it is a bit of an acquired taste.  He did devour the king prawns, baby squid, octopus, perch, snapper, sea bass, miscellaneous white fish, salad, dips and olives!

It was exceptionally hot down at the harbour - much hotter than up in Droushia - too hot for us to go for an after dinner walk to see the boats - in fact when we got in the car it was showing 37 degrees!!  We headed back to the welcome cool of Droushia and left Theodora and Gregoris to have a nap before returning to Nicosia.

Chivers and Minnie Mou normally use G&T's garden as their own personal playground so although G&T love our cats they have not, as yet, gained their trust so C and MM give them both a wide berth.  Chivers couldn't wait for them to get back on the road and was waiting on their wall for them to leave - they were obviously taking longer than he was expecting and he was getting quite bored!!  Just to underline the point the two little devils have disappeared outside and they are both bounding about next door enjoying their space back (for the time being).  Lord knows what they are going to do when the garden gets dug up - they will be mortified.

I just have to show you this last picture.  Not that our cats are spoiled or anything but it is official, Chivers LOVES chocolate.  He practically bit John's hand off tonight to get his teeth into a bit of fruit and nut!  He obviously has some sort of mega fast metabolism because he eats like a horse and remains pretty sleek whereas chubby only has to look at a sweetie and it goes straight to her hips - that's Minnie Mou NOT ME - well it is me as well!  Have to finish now as I am going to put myself through the agony that is watching England play football - I am guessing that John will be replaced in bed by the Incredible Snorey Man tonight - deep joy!

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