Sunday, 15 July 2012

Crafting Ladies...

Today being Wednesday meant craft at Jeanette's.  I hadn't been last week because Debra was here and as it was only for five days it didn't seem fair for me to be missing for a day.  The previous week I had embarked on a sculpting project - Cuthbert my cuboid snail.  I didn't take any other project with me forgetting that I would be sculpting outside and it was an exceptionally hot day.  I very nearly didn't make it to Jeanette's in the first place as I had tried out a new moisturiser after my shower which had an adverse reaction with my eyes, they watered so badly I had to stop twice on the way to Neo Chorio and when I arrived I think Jeanette thought John and I had had some sort of massive row and I was in bits.

Jeanette had moved her work tables to the shade on the veranda at the front of the house and so I decided I would just have to do a little work in the sun and then retire to the veranda for a chat.  I didn't want to not do any work on Cuthbert.  The craft ladies refer to Cuthbert as Brian the Snail (from the Magic Roundabout) although anyone from Yeovil of a certain age will think of Brian the Snail as something completely different but that is another story for another time!

It was exceptionally hot this morning so I only managed a short time with my hammer and chisel but Cuthburt is beginning to take shape although he is still a bit cuboid and he is a little short in the neck.  I am now getting to the finer stages of the sculpt and apparently I could hit some holes in the material which may make it awkward and there is always a danger of small bits dropping off!  Still if the feelers break off I could always change it into a slug and if the head and neck come off as John says I can always turn it into a giant turd - thanks John!

As I could only work outside for a short while Jeanette was keen to find me something else to do.  I have been resisting the temptation to try doing mosaics as I have quite a lot of other craft materials in the cupboard at home which I really want to use up before embarking on something else and then there is the question of the cost involved with new materials and new equipment but she persuaded me to try my hand at some drinks coasters - out of her stock of tiles I chose a purply-pink combination and did all the gluing leaving them to dry so that I can grout them next week.  When you tot up the materials involved and the time I can see now why a set like this sells for about €20.  If I am going to do more mosaic work I will need to have very specific projects in mind or it will be an expensive hobby - having said that I would really really like to do some sort of gecko for outside.

You can see why the cool of the veranda was preferable to the scorching heat of the carpark behind!! Judy and Jeanette were doing mosaic work, Pam was finishing a dress and Chris was crocheting a jumper.  Who could blame them when you have the stunning view of the pool and the sea beyond to keep you company!  Another lovely day crafting.

This evening two sets of our friends were arriving and on the same flight!  Our stalkers from Pissouri Wendy and Bill and our neighbours Sharon and Sean together with Sharon's daughter Katya.  We are looking forward to spending time with them all during their respective holidays.  Poor neighbours got dragged in no sooner than they had arrived to a warm welcome from John!!  Not sure Katya knew what to make of him particularly as he had imbibed more than a glass of Kolios Rose.


  1. These snails looks amazing!

  2. loving brian - missing crafting in the sunshine x