Monday, 2 July 2012

Testing out the Barbeque...

We all seemed to benefit from a really good night's sleep last night.  In fact Mum says that generally she sleeps much better up here - it is probably because we are slightly cooler and less sticky than down in Emba although at times I would question that (like now when it is nearly 30 degrees indoors with 60 percent humidity).  Anyway, on getting up Mum opted for an early morning swim and Chivers was absolutely fascinated when she went for an outside shower.  He is mesmerised by water and loves to watch it disppearing down the plughole if he gets the opportunity!  He sat outside and patiently waited for her to emerge.

We breakfasted together in the conservatory before Mum and Dad packed up and went back to Emba.  The next time we see them will be Sunday when we go down for tea before picking up Debra from the airport.

On the subject of Debra I have finally got her room ready.  The good thing about the weather is that you can get the sheets washed, out and ironed (yes ironed) in the space of a couple of hours so this is what I did once Mum and Dad had gone.  It is a bit hot for ironing but nothing looks better than freshly laundered uncreased bedding.  We are a bit short of space but she has a couple of drawers free and we have sorted out some coat hangers and in fairness she is only here for what amounts to five days so should be ok.  John isn't going to be able to find anything though as I have shoved everything we dont want into every available drawer or cupboard.  Room now spick and span Chivers is more determined than ever to get in there and on the bed - I will have to warn Debra.

This evening we were going back to Wheelie Cyprus Helen's to christen the newly installed barbeque.   Although I had offered to go and pick them up, as they had given us a lift last time we went, Craft Jane and her husband Mark insisted on driving as (a) they have to pass our place and (b) Mark is on a health kick and not drinking.  Mum had given me a masterclass on making her barbeque sauce earlier this morning although we did have a bit of a dispute about whether or not mustard should be included!!!  So we pitched up at the Smeaton's just after 7.00pm on a really really beautiful evening.  Their house and gardens are so full of interesting things and I particularly like the sculptures, the face on the wall in particular and we were discussing the fact that it looked like it had been crying! 

I didn't manage to catch it on camera but whilst we were having drinks and nibbles on the terrace Helen's two cats were tormenting one of the biggest snakes that I have ever seen over here.  It was one of the black ones which are apparently harmless but the way it was rearing up at the cats you could have been forgiven for thinking it was some sort of cobra.  It slithered off much to the cats disappointment as they had clearly been enjoying this encounter.

The sun went down like a ball of flames to make way for a balmy and still evening when it was a pleasure to be sitting outside sharing good food and good company.  I am not sure what Mark (on right) and Alistair (on left) are discussing - looks like Mark is saying that "it was this big"!!  We were all very impressed to see that the barbeque had been filled, smoothed and painted since Tuesday and the smells emanating from within were fabulous.  We were treated to Helen's take on Ainsley Harriott's barbeque prawns which we ate shells and all!  Then followed kebabs and sausages and really delicious salads (not forgetting my barbeque sauce) all topped off with a cold cardamom rice pudding which was lush.

I am conscious that people get fed up of my constant photo taking so I just took one or two and put the camera away so that we could enjoy the evening. John and I are now kicking ourselves that we did not bring our tent and sleeping bags as the other four go camping up in the hills here in Cyprus and say that they have a marvellous time.  We shall be keeping our eyes open now for one because we would certainly like to give it a go - although not at the municipal site in Polis!

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