Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Heat has got to Me...

I know I won't get any sympathy from my UK readers but I have to say the heat has got to me - today I felt like my batteries had been removed - a 'power down' Mum calls it and with the temperature today over 40 degrees before 9.00am there was going to be little respite.  In fact tonight at 9,00pm it is still nearly 35 degrees indoors. 

Looking back at this time last year we were fighting with the electricity board to get our supply connected having been disconnected from the supply which was tapped off next door - we had to go to the electricity board today with our meter reading and chose a good day as they were giving bill holders free energy saving bulbs - blimey how times have changed!

We had a strange old visitor in our pool today - no idea what this creature was - very smooth skinned and with exceptionally short front legs.  We scooped him off of the side of the pool before he either (a) drowned or (b) was spotted by Chivers.

We were up early today because I thought we were supposed to be at the bank at 8.30am to sort out some money but I was a day early - don't know why John didn't say anything sooner although he was adamant that it was tomorrow and he was right (when is he not!!).

Today John was fitting a cat flap for my Greek teacher Sam so that her cat James Bond could get in and out of her flat without bringing the rest of the neighbourhood with him.  John was utilising the board that Dad used to have fitted in the patio doors at Emba so he had a few adjustments to do here.  Sam was delighted with the job and all she has to do now is get JB to use the bloody thing!  We suggested the treat on the other side technique that worked quite well for us!  Failing that there is always the boot up the jacksy - less pleasant for the cat but quite effective all the same!!

As the diet starts next week we decided to call into Yia-Yia's for lunch and sit in the comfies under a carob tree.  There is certainly an eclectic mix of seating options not to mention the slightly freaky doll on the sofa which has seen better days! 

On returning home John shot off round to Sean's to help him build a fence at the back of their house so I didn't see him all afternoon and so I took the opportunity to wallow in the pool and cool down and recharge my batteries. 

After several weeks of no goats as they had probably gone to the great Kleftiko Oven in the skies (sorry all you vegetarians) they are back or a new herd is back and in the field next door coming right up to our boundary.  I will be very p****d off if they take a liking to our lovingly nurtured vine brought from Greenwood Road.  As you can imagine the cats were none to impressed by having the wildlife next door.  Absence has not made their hearts grow fonder - if anything it has made them worse as both Chivers and Minnie Mou went off in hot pursuit only returning when John frantically hammered on their feeding bowls.

None the worse for their adventure they are currently catching some Z's in the cool on the wood store - coiled springs?  Not at the moment!  They had better behave themselves tomorrow as Mum and Dad are coming up to house sit for us.  John and I are going to Pissouri to spend the night with our stalkers and sample the Cypriot Night that is held in the Square. I need my tomatoes to be watered regularly and I know that John will be happier if the cats have company.  Thursday is our 21st Wedding Anniversary - where has the time gone??????

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