Thursday, 30 August 2012

A Planning Meeting...

So these are my happy campers sitting in the morning sunshine in the conservatory having had breakfast and about to embark on another 'game' before Mum and Dad made their way back to Emba.  The conservatory has provided us with such a useful space and we have to give a big THANK YOU to Prodromi Pam who made our long length of muslin into three blinds which are proving to be invaluable.  Although as scorer John made a valiant attempt to ensure he won this morning's Noms game he failed miserably as he was hammered on practically every 'miz' hand (a hand where winning a trick brings with it a minus point penalty!!

This evening we had our Mouflon Camping Planning Meeting - oh how I used to enjoy our activity planning meetings with the Allans and the Stapletons and the Bissetts in year's gone by - mainly BC (before children).  Who could forget that pre Christmas weekend at the cottage in Cornwall when we spoofed for beds, played radical UNO until we had to stop and got John to dress up as secret santa?

Tonight we were planning at Crafty Jane and Marks with Wheelie Cyprus Helen and Alistair.  This photograph is of that awful moment when we all realised that little puppy Arni had laid the biggest Mr Whippy poo in the garden and we had only just arrived!!!  For a small dog he seems to have an impressive bowel capacity!  I think it might have been my fault as I had been keeping a tight hold on him in the back of the car to stop him jumping around!

Once the dogs were settled they could be left to play around in the garden whilse we ate, drank and made some very loose plans about our forthcoming weekend.  I seem to think as novices John and I got off a bit lightly but we are tasked with the provision of 10 litres of Kolios Rose wine which we feel more than confident of being able to achieve!!  I am so glad that we don't have bikes and have opted to be on dog duty when the other four go off for a ride - I swear I heard a figure of 45K mentioned at one point!!!  I think that when the others see our tent we may be asked to pitch it somewhere else - most definitely the poor relations as J&M's has an awning and H&A's is designed to be cosey in the Arctic - let's just say John and I aren't expecting too much from our single skinned €30 best that Orphanides had to sell - bargain!  Helen said we should take a fleece just in case - fleece????? I am digging out every thermal I own.  Plus I am not sure that any of the others are fully prepared for the horror that is me in the morning not having any facility to sort out my bedhead hair.

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