Thursday, 9 August 2012

A Quiet Sunday...

A quiet day today after the barbeque yesterday followed by the late night watching the Olympics.  Nothing planned fortunately and we had at least tidied up everything before we went to bed so we had nothing to feel guilty about as we lazed around with a lovely gentle breeze coming in through the window.  Sunday morning and all was quiet - no builders anywhere - bliss!!

The weather is hotting up again so at 11.00am the temperature was in the mid 30's - low humidity outside - but high inside (compared to today when it is only 20 percent).  And on a hot day like today our minds turn to ...

... the wood burning stove - what else!!!

John was keen to get over into the field and liberate some of the branches of the tree which had been drying on the ground.  This sort of wood makes great kindling and it is free which is all the better because before we know it we will be huddled around that stove complaining about the cold and the rolling mists!  Fully booted and socked up just in case there were any snakes (unlikely after all the work that has been done over there) John went over and we have replenished our kindling stocks.

It is hard work watching someone else working so I decided to retire to the pool with a refreshing piece of melon!  All thoughts of getting rid of our pool have now gone out of the window as it is so lovely to cool down in.  In fact we are putting money away to replace the liner and are investigating whether or not we would benefit from having a solar powered pump. 

Before settling down for even more Olympics we decided to take a walk around the village - as we feel it is important that we are seen to be supporting the various enterprises.  This meant a drink in Christos's and another in Stathmos where we realised that Andy Murray was actually beating Roger Federer so we raced back so that we could watch the third set and yet another GB victory.

Sunday tea was leftover barbeque and very nice it was too second time around.  Top Tip - fry leftover jacket potatoes to make yummy scrummy wedges!!!  I think we will be souvla-ing more regularly now!

Why is it that I couldn't keep my eyes open on the sofa trying to stay up to watch the men's 100 metres final but then didn't sleep when I got to bed???

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