Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A Saturday at Home...

So we were having a day at home today with Mum and Dad coming up for the afternoon and staying over as we haven't seen them for a little while.  I had to start the day clearing up the carnage left behind by the cats - not sure who was responsible for what but I do wish they would leave the poor little geckos alone as they are so sweet and such a lovely colour.  Chivers and Minnie Mou used to just leave dead shrews on the decking but now they are bringing their little gifts indoors - lovely!

We had been invited to have coffee at Marylenna's who lives at 1a.  We have not met her before but we have seen her little Far Eastern girlie taking the dog for a walk.  It transpires that Marylenna's little dog is blind and that she also has a cat which she found in Droushia and has given a home to in Nicosia.  We were just about to go round when she came and knocked on our door to say that she was having to shoot off to Paphos with Galadia to get some tiles.  We weren't too disappointed as we had quite a bit we wanted to do before Mum and Dad arrived and as we have learned coffee here generally means coffee and food!!

We wanted to get some more fresh Halloumi from the village now that we have sussed soaking it with a raw potato to remove the excess salt so we shot off on the bike to Maria's.  In my very bestest Greek I told her that her cheese was delicious and asked if I could have another kilo.  She then invited John and I in for coffee (can you see a pattern emerging here???) but I politely declined explaining that o pateras mou (my Dad) and h mitera mou (my Mum) were on their way up from Emba.  She reappeared with a container holding a kilo of cheese and a separate bag of cheese which was a gift from her and a promise that we would stop for coffee the next time we are not going to be able to get out of that invitation in a hurry!!
This week the temperature has risen - sorry Hazel but it has been considerably hotter since you left and at lunchtime we were wilting as the mercury (well digital read-out) was pushing over 40 degrees.  We now struggle for shade throughout the garden - who would have thought that I would be a shade seeker having been a sun worshipper all my life!!  It is difficult to strike a balance because in the winter we try and harness the sun as much as possible - lets hope that the conservatory does that job for us later in the year!
Mum and Dad arrived safe and sound mid afternoon.  John had the pool looking sparkling so that we could take a dip in it - all of us except Dad who only seems to like to get into our pool when it is gopping and needs a damn good clean!  It's really nice to be able to have them over to stay and we generally fill our time with good natured games of crib or nomination whist, something nice to eat and one or two little drinkies to wash it down!!  We had been planning to watch a film and had got the choice of either 'The Help' or 'The Secret Life of Bees' lined up but we didn't get round to watching either of them so they will have to wait for another time - mind you they haven't been vetted to see whether or not they have achieved the SFP (suitable for parents) certification!!  Another day comes to a close...

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