Sunday, 26 August 2012

A Very Nice Spot for Lunch...

For a number of reasons our plans for today went slightly out of the window so we had arranged to go for lunch with Crafty Jane and her husband Mark from Arodes. 
We were woken early because Angela's lovely builders were alive and kicking at 7.00am with their generator doing its stuff - deep joy - thank god that house is nearing completion - let's hope that they aren't doing the one next door soon!!!
We had a visit from Pam (two doors up) returning our dish and giving us an update on George and his health.  Unfortunately he is suffering from the male equivalent of breast cancer but the hospital is very positive that they have caught it in time to nip it in the bud and when they go back to the UK in six weeks time he will have to undergo some major surgery but should get through it thank goodness.  Pam keeps apologising for her family making noise - we really don't care as it is lovely to hear them having fun!
We found our way to J&M's house but I was a complete duffer and pressed the intercom and not the door bell and so they didn't know we had arrived!!  A phone call sorted out the issue and Jane spoke to me from the balcony and I from the garden!!!
After a pleasant drink at their house we drove down to the coast and Oniros (which is next to the new wreck) where we had planned to have a leisurely lunch.  John and I haven't been to see the wreck even though it has been a while since that vessel beached itself.
It was a beautiful day and it was a beautiful venue and we had a very very pleasant afternoon.  The menu is small (but beautifully formed) and I always think that if it is limited then it should be cooked fresh and should be cooked well.  We each chose a different ciabatta, Mark had mushroom and mozzarella, Jane had roasted belly pork with apple coleslaw, John had roasted belly pork and tzaziki and Greek salad and I had roasted chicken and it was all very very nice.

The sea caves area is lovely and we can remember a time when there was nothing built beyond Coralia beach but that was about twenty years ago!!!  We returned to Jane and Mark's house in Arodes and were quite excited to have a look at a house that they are looking after which could be suitable for Trevor and Vicki to rent as and when they sell their house.
Buoyed up with the information we Skyped them on our return and were amazed to learn that they had decided to come out and about the time of John's birthday - staying in Polis at some hotel apartments that we always think look very nice and which we will check out before they arrive.  We were so excited - sometimes things are just meant to be!!  We actually have plans for John's birthday but that is fine as Trev and Vix will have only just arrived and will be getting used to their surroundings and we can have the remainder of the week with them.

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