Saturday, 25 August 2012

AH - After Hazel...

After having guests it is always nice to return to normal but it is also strange to no longer be sharing our home with a guest or guests - Hazel has returned to Yeovil and we have heard that she got there safely.  Let's hope she is busy planning her next visit (but only for 10 days don't forget)!

With very little to report today I am filling the blog with some photographs that were not included on previous posts - the one above is of John leading Hazel astray at the ice-cream parlour in Polis which he had to visit to keep his tapeworm happy.  Having missed breakfast a paltry piece of cake at the Art Cafe just wasn't enough to keep body and soul together apparently!!!

This next picture was taken at Pomos Point Marina where the water was so clear and where we managed to catch sight of a cuttle fish the last time we were there with Mark and Laura.  John and Hazel are busy doing a bit of fish spotting - unfortunately no cuttle fish this time but there were plenty of other fish to catch our eye. 

I think like me Hazel fell in love with Pomos so next time snorkelling there is an absolute must which will leave only nine days to occupy her (sorry John but the ten days thing is going to run and run!!).

The next picture is a lovely one of my Mum and Hazel taken when we went down to the Harbour in Paphos - I cant remember what they were laughing about but something had clearly tickled their fancy!!

Sadly our guest room is now back to normal, sheets washed and dried and about to go back on the bed in readiness for Mum and Dad's next visit and before she knows it Hazel will be back to school with her new class of 32 little children - now there is a challenge and a half!

I forgot to say that en route to the airport last night I went to pick up my picture of the clematis which I had framed. Fitos did a really good job and I am quite proud to have this hanging in the lounge because at least you can tell what it is supposed to be! I just need to get the second one of the Morning Glory finished to go with it.  I have missed art this week (sorry Sheila I know that you starve when I am not there to have lunch)but it was worth it because we had Hazel staying.  Anyway, anyone needing something framed could do a lot worse than visit Fitos at Artisan which is situated down the Polis Road - although he is on holiday this week he was happy to open up the shop especially for me as I was passing - you can't say fairer than that can you?

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