Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Another Good Night with Friends...

It has been a hive of activity up here today - they have been working on the road again but doing fairly quiet stuff like the kerb stones as we think they wanted to get the job done as much as possible before the general summer holiday starts.  The builders at 3b are in panic mode as Angela has told them that she has a container arriving next week and there is still so much that needs doing - not to mention the fact that she has no kitchen.  An elephants trunk arrived today so they must have been concreting around the swimming pool  - I find these bits of equipment fascinating!  During the course of the day various people arrived including the solar panel people and someone with an internal door which John thinks looks a bit like a prison door and metal staircase and spindles.  The work may well get completed on time but the standard of work could be questionable if they are rushing.  Still we will be happy when it is all done and the mess outside has been cleared.

We have Mum and Dad and Ray and Janice coming up for a barbeque tomorrow so John wanted to try and get the glass roof of the conservatory cleaned up a bit so he went up onto the roof terrace with the pressure washer to give it all a quick squirt!  I was i/c water supply but as you all know I have a habit of wandering off because something takes my attention and today was no exception as I saw this beautiful caterpillar in the front garden!  Fortunately I didn't wander off at a time when John wanted the water switched on or off!  After some investigation it would appear that this caterpillar will (providing it doesn't get eaten) grow into a swallowtail butterfly.

Sometimes I get an idea that I think John will think is rubbish but sometimes he surprises me and agrees!  We have quite a boring wall between us and next door (the house that is owned by Paul but more or less abandoned).  Poking above the wall from next door there was a vine growing and I persuaded John to let me pull it up and over our wall to soften the edges.  In the spring I will take some cuttings from it and grow it up from our side so that if Paul ever comes and has it cut down we have something to replace it.  It looks nice!

This evening we had been invited for a meal at Running Susan and John's.  There's is the big house that is perched on the top of the hill on the way down to Wheelie Helen and Alistair's.  The big house, we call it and I have often wondered what it is like and what the view is like from there.  We picked up Helen and Alistair as I was driving and it seemed pointless that they drive as well plus John was going to borrow Alistair's petrol strimmer.  Susan and John's house is stunning with a view to die for as it stretches a complete 360 degrees with views over the mountains and across to the sea.

Susan says she is not a natural hostess and worries about entertaining but she really had nothing to worry about because we all had a lovely evening and the food was brilliant.  We stayed chatting around the table until gone Midnight which gave us the opportunity to wish Susan a Happy Birthday as she was 21 again again again!!!

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