Monday, 20 August 2012

Day Three of Hazel's Holiday...

Mindful of the ravages of the sun (a little like bolting the stable door etc etc) we decided that we would have a 'covered up' day today and were all going down into Polis in the morning and then Hazel and I were off to Paphos in the afternoon, picking up Mum and going out down to the Harbour  before returning to the village for supper at Christos's taverna where we had pre-ordered fresh fish (we hoped!!).

Anyway as you all know if it is Polis and it is the morning then a visit to the Art Cafe is obligatory and after all John had passed on breakfast so was almost weak with hunger by 10.30!!  We spent a very pleasant hour or so in the shady courtyard and sampled the freshly home-made cakes.  Moist orange for John and Hazel and apple for me - scrummmmmmyyyyyyyy (Laura you will be pleased to know there was none of that lovely caramel cake so you didn't miss out). 

One of the things Hazel wanted to buy herself whilst she was over was some pretty flip-flops so on Wheelie Helen's recommendation we made our first trip to Festival Shoes in Polis.  This shop is a veritable tardis - as it looks tiny from the outside but is cram packed full of shoes in every colour and style known to man (or woman) and more to the point there was a sale on - hallelujah - Hazel said she had died and gone to heaven and came out clutching three pairs of sandals/flip-flops and then proceeded to buy a further two pairs in the supermarket!!!  Actually in fairness both John and I bought some really stylish flip-flops in Festival and at only €9 each hardly broke the bank.  A second visit is pencilled in for Saturday morning!!

We raced back home, shoved some dips and pitta down our necks and then raced on down to Paphos picking up Mum en route.  We had decided to walk along the harbour as Hazel hasn't been to Paphos before and I have to confess that I always like the harbour and the buzz of all the holidaymakers.  I had also wanted to get down to En Plo to see how the crafty ladies were doing selling their goodies.  Whilst walking along we encountered the new Pelican - there always used to be a pelican down by the harbour and it was quite famous appearing on all the postcards but it has been long gone - now they have brought one back and it's a big old bird I can tell you!!  We laughed at the bar touts who desperately tried to lure us in for a drink using such corny lines to my mum as, weren't you in the class below me at school!!!  It is all flannel but it did make us laugh and well Mum lets face it you must still have got it!!!

At En Plo Hazel very kindly bought me a stained glass dragonfly that I had been admiring and which I will hang in the conservatory somewhere so that it can catch the sunlight and remind us of her visit.  There were some lovely things there and I hope that the visitors do buy because a lot of hard work goes into the making of the items and the 12 hours day they put in manning the tables - not my idea of fund sitting around from 10.00 am until 10.00 pm I can tell you.

Mum had wanted to take us out for a posh coffee and so we headed for Muse which is the 'place to be seen' and which has a stunning view over Paphos - we sat on the edge for a photo opportunity only as it was far too hot not to seek the shade of an umbrella!  It was all very lovely and had it not been for the fact we had been invited in to neighbours back in Droushia for coffee at 5.30 we could have sat there for hours whiling away the afternoon people watching.  So much to do and so little time and retirement is supposed to be restful!!!

We returned to Droushia dead on 5.30pm and went straight round to Persephone and Savvas's villa for coffee (and cake and biscuits and cheesepie!!!).  We had to let them know that we were going out in the village for a meal so were unable to stay too long - at this rate we are all going to get indigestion!!

We had a really lovely evening which started with a pre-dinner G&T under the gazebo before a starlit walk into the village and Christos's taverna where our table was laid waiting for us.  It was good to see others using the taverna including a man who turned out to be a bit of a celebrity - he was a news reader from Cyprus TV - will need to find out his name - both Hazel and I agreed he was fairly easy on the eye!!!

Alkisti did us proud - we started our meal with salad and olives and bread and then were served with the most delicious grilled sea bream and chips which was followed by fresh figs, plums, grapes (picked there and then from just above our heads) walnut glyko, coffee and very very very large brandies.  Hazel loved it and she loved the fact that we were made to feel like part of the family - it was a special evening.

We slowly made our way back home and took the opportunity to sit on the roof terrace and watch the stars before going to bed.  Hazel says she has never seen such stars but then we dont have any urban pollution up here - when you look at where you live through the eyes of a visitor you see things very differently!

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