Sunday, 12 August 2012

Enjoying Craft...

I was keen to go to Craft this week having missed it last week because of the Droushia Ladies' Lunch and next week I wouldn't go because Hazel is staying - having said that Jeanette and some of the others are at En Plo anyway selling their wares to the unsuspecting public!!

We had just a few puffy clouds in the sky today but it still turned out to be a hot one.  Driving down to Latchi I had one of those 'I can't believe how lucky I am to have all this on my doorstep' moments.  Watching the holidaymakers enjoying themselves on the beach and in the sea I have to remind myself that they pay good money to visit somewhere that I call home - how mad is that?  No doubt we will be going down to the beach next week with Hazel - I fancy going to Pomos - it is usually really good for snorkeling and I know Haze wants to snorkel and then we can eat up at the fish taverna when we get hungry.  We shall be going to Pomos next week anyway as Wheelie Cyprus Helen has found out that the Zilla Project is playing at Paradise Place and we though it would be a real giggle to take Hazel along to our local night-time hot spot!  It's hardly the O2 but it has its own charm of sorts (if you shut your eyes to your surroundings!!!).  Still we had a brilliant time there when we went before and it will be an experience if nothing else!

I arrived at Jeanettes' and joined the three others who were there sitting on the veranda doing their stuff.  I am waiting for the mosaic tiles I need to complete my large lizard to arrive so I took with me my one remaining gecko blank and some polished glass pieces that I had got from the internet.  It took me an absolute age to sort sufficient pieces to cover the blank in a reasonable fashion and then even longer to get them stuck on properly.  Somehow in the process I managed to get covered in PVA glue myself!!  He is now waiting to be grouted which, as I have been told, is an art form in itself and not a job that you should rush to start and then not finish (as with my coasters).  So he is being allowed to dry completely and is being looked after at Jeanette's until the next time I go to craft when I can dedicate my morning to making sure he is grouted properly.

This left me with nothing to do for the rest of my time and so although I am waiting for tiles to complete this little fella I had enough to start doing his head - the only trouble was (a) the tiles needed cutting (b) I don't have any cutters (although Sharon is on the case for me in the UK) and (c) I don't really have a clue what I am supposed to do.  Hours this has taken me fiddling about with minuscule slivers of tile trying to fit them together like a jigsaw puzzle but I am getting there slowly - a pair of long nosed tweezers would have been very helpful and something else I need to look out for (Ebay here I come!!).

On returning home I could see that John had been a really busy boy as he has taken it upon himself to tidy up the estate and in particular the front gardens of the houses where the builder has gone bankrupt - for no other reason than we take pride in where we live and it all looks so much better when it is tidy.  We can't do much about all the crap that Angela's builders have left lying around but hopefully they are coming to the end of their work soon - Angela has a container arriving shortly with all her new furniture so we assume that is why they are working all day and most of the evening - we can only hope that they will have finished with that bloody generator next week when Haze will be looking for some peace and quiet.

John had also fitted the 'string' curtains that we had at various doors around the house at the windows of the conservatory which overlook the front garden. This is to try and diffuse some of the sunlight and we had been using them as fly screens but the doors on which they were hanging are no longer external doors so they were a bit surplus to requirement.  Poor John he looked absolutely knackered when I got home because to be honest it is far too hot to be doing extreme gardening but when he gets the bit between his teeth there is no stopping him.  A very large gin and tonic was in order but he opted for a beer to accompany a 'gourmet' tea of salad, sticky sausages and saute potatoes.  You can see I am still on a mission to make some room in the freezer!

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