Monday, 27 August 2012

I keep thinking it is Friday...

For the whole of today I have been thinking it is Friday and it was not - it was Thursday so I have been thrown into complete turmoil and my carefully planned shopping list was missing a day!
After what for me was a pretty good night's sleep I was up and raring to go because I wanted to get the spare room ready for Mum and Dad who are coming for a meal on Saturday and staying the night.  With my one day out problem I thought they would be coming tomorrow - hence John's confusion on my insistence that I only had today to get the bed made up and ready!  I was in a bit of a tizz because I thought we had so much to do before John went off to test out the new pool hall in Polis and I went up to Neo Chorio to help Jeanette set up her own blog to show off her mosaic work.  More confusion in John's face but he played along as I was still one day out.
We shot off down to Polis to do some shopping and called into Orphanides because I thought I had seen some sleeping bags there in the sale and as you know we are due to go camping shortly and as you also know we got rid of all our camping equipment before we moved over here!!  I was right though they did have some very lightweight sleeping bags and for only €9.50 each so we got a couple - at least we wont freeze to death when we are halfway up the mountain side!!!
We are having a planning meeting at the weekend to discuss our trip - friends from Yeovil will remember our legendary pre trip planning meetings which normally took place in a pub accompanied by food and drink!  I managed to pinch this picture from Wheelie Cyprus Helen's website which is a photograph of the spot where we are going to go and if I am not mistaken that looks like Crafty Jane outside her deluxe canvas home and a rather unfortunate photograph of Alistair's backside in close proximity to Mark's head!!! We are going to have a practice run at putting up our new tent because it will be very embarrassing if it collapses around our ears during the night!
We had been invited around to our neighbour Galadia's for coffee this evening.  Both Minnie Mou and Chivers decided to trott along behind us even though John made them sit and wait on the 'naughty corner'.  Bless Galadia who had made a really lovely milopitta (apple pie) and we sat out on her patio chatting away until Chivers started to cry over the fence wanting his tea!!  John picked him up and brought him into Galadia's but he was a little nervous (Chivers that is!!) so John took him home and fed him.  No sooner had John returned than we could hear the plaintiff cry of Minnie Mou who appeared from over the fence and was trotting along the side of Galadia's pool.  She wouldn't settle either and as Galadia had to go and pick up her son George from the village we brought MM back home for her tea.
Galadia was telling us about the inter city bus service from Nicosia to Paphos - it runs regularly throughout the day and only costs €5 each way!!  I could feel a Christmas Shopping trip coming on with Mum but Galadia has said that I cannot go to Nicosia without seeing her so I will give her some notice and then hopefully we can meet for lunch.

Chuffed to finally catch up with Sally Allan on Skype today to hear all her news and to see a very grown up Mollie getting ready for her sleepover.  Camping with Sal and Tommy was legendary!!

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