Tuesday, 28 August 2012

It is Definitely Friday...

It is most definitely Friday today and our plan was for a quiet day as John was having a big night out!!! I had arranged to go to Neo Chorio to help Jeannette set up a blog to help her promote her mosaic work to a wider audience and John was going to accompany Graham to the new Polis Pool hall.

Somehow we managed to be running a bit late so I took John directly to the Pool Hall and I carried on through Latchi and up to Jeannette's. There was a most spectacular sunset and so I took a little bit of a detour and stopped off at the end of the marina to grab a photograph. Latchi looks so different at night!!

Jeannette (Freeman) hosts the Wednesday Crafty Ladies and she is fascinating having had a long and successful career in the film/TV industry - check her out here: Jeannette's Working History can you imagine working on films like Saving Private Ryan and Harry Potter?  I am guessing she would say that when you are there it is just a job but it does sound pretty exciting to me - she has now found a new passion through the creation of Mosaics.  She, along with a number of other ladies, exhibit at the En Plo venue down at the harbour in Paphos on a regular basis - she has just done a week there and she is often asked if there is anywhere else her work can be viewed - hence I had agreed to help her with setting up a blog as a vehicle for exactly that.  The preparation takes a while and getting to grips with the administration takes a while but I know that once Jeanette has mastered it then she will be well away!

We had quite a laugh putting everything together and deciding upon the style and the content.  I was keen to try and showcase the project that Jeanette is currently working on which is a mosaic of Aphrodite - very apt for Cyprus!!

We had done as much as we could and it was heading for Midnight when the boys returned home having had a good night at the Pool Hall.  Because of the numbers rather than a best of three competition there was a round robin so John managed to get in about 15 games of pool for his €10!  He enjoyed it and it was good for him to go out and do something for himself for a change.  He was a bit taken aback by the size of the pool tables - having been used to the small one at the Royal Standard he was faced with American sized pool tables which were about 8 foot long!  He says it slightly threw him!  Any excuse!!!

So I left Jeannette in possession of her own blog and on Wednesday I will go through with her what she needs to do to update it.  If you want to check it out then go here http://tzianet-mosaic.blogspot.com/

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