Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Crafting - My One Year Anniversary...

Breakfast was taken in the front garden today - or is it the back garden? I can never decide particularly as our front door was placed in the most bizarre place by Lordos when the house was built!!!  It has cooled here in Droushia and the nights bring with them a very heavy condensation so things are damp in the morning - we think it is getting cold - Trevor and Vicky find it very pleasant!
Vicky and I went to Jeannette's for craft today and en route Vicky reminded me that it was exactly a year ago that we had ventured to Steni together on a Thursday to check out the 'crafting scene' and were then invited to Jeannette's for the following Wednesday.  Blimey - how much has happened during that year! 
You can tell that Summer is over here as the craft group has moved from the front verandah out to the back of the house and many of the members who have been away for the summer have returned swelling the numbers.

I was on grouting this week which, as you know, is not my favourite occupation and today I was grouting Big Gek which meant that I got a sore finger trying to work it into all the spaces and grooves. Grout, dry, wipe, chat, drink tea, grout, dry, wipe etc etc!!!  After some discussion last week I had opted to grout BG with a terracotta coloured grout.  We are extremely lucky that Jeannette has all this stuff to hand although I always make sure that I make a contribution towards whatever I use - at least it saves me from having to store more and more craft stuff when we are so desperately short of storage space.  Anyway you will see the finished article on the left - my first attempt at cutting tiles and filling spaces rather than just using the square tiles.  What next?  not sure but I have some more coasters as a stand-by and I did buy a cheap mirror in the Euro Shop because John wants something for the outside shower so that he can see what he is doing when he has a shave - always wise I think!!!  I might get some inspiration on Saturday as some of the girls from the group have stalls at a craft show being held in Faros at Latchi and it is always better seeing their work exhibited in a finished state rather than as work in progress.
Having completed BG I turned my attention to Brian the Turd - it has been far too hot recently to stand outside and work on him but I have been itching to get back to it and now I can really see him progressing - as you know I am leaving the neck and head until last for fear that I knock them off so today was all about the shell and adding the detail - it is quite detailed work and I get absolutely filthy but love it and am busy trying to work out what I will do next - I am rather taken by the curvaceous figures that Jeannette has dotted around the garden (and I don't mean the crafting ladies!!!).

Several of the crafting ladies bring their dogs along with them and when they are not out and about exploring the garden they sit very patiently under the tables - this is good news for Vicky who hopes that, if and when she is over here permanently, she will be able to bring Murphy along.  Well I say patiently - they are probably bored!!!  Presiding over all the dogs is Dooley (above) who is Jeannette's beloved dog as opposed to Graham's poodle Winston who used to be Jeannette's dog until it changed allegiance and as a result Jeanette refers to him as an ungrateful little sod!  Dooley is clearly very photogenic - posing for the camera in a relaxed cool dude pose!!
We had arranged to eat supper in the village at Christos Taverna ordering in advance: Moussaka for Vicki and I and port chop for John and Trevor.  A little cool but we were still able to sit outside to eat although Alkisti thought we were mad!!!  She put on a brilliant spread for us which included grapes freshly picked from the pergola above and her legendary walnut gleeko.  Vicky stunned us all by downing her freebie brandy down in one - she said it was the only way she thought she would be able to tackle it!

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