Monday, 10 September 2012

Droushia Ladies meet in September...

Today was the September Droushia Ladies meeting and I had opted for something different - its too hot for lunch unless you can find a nice shadey spot so I thought an afternoon get-together would be a good idea.  I had organised for a tour of the Herb Garden at Pano Akourdalia with tea and cake.  I had been for a recce yesterday and poor Caroline was panicking because the herb garden is also the local coffee shop and the local elders were insisting on holding a meeting there just after we arrived.  She need not have worried because although a meeting did take place it really didn't affect us at all.  I had invited Mum and Eileen as I thought they might enjoy seeing somewhere different.  I had arranged to meet up with her in Kathikas so she could follow me in the car as she wasn't sure where she was going.  It isn't hard to find, turn off at the sign for Sterna Winery and keep going until you get to a sharp left hand bend and the herb garden is on the bend.  Outside are a number of really old and really beautiful olive trees - it is worth going just to hug one of the trees!

We started off by having a bit of liquid refreshment of the non-alcoholic kind.  Everything here is healthy, organic and gluten free.  I tried the pink lemonade which is made with hibiscus flowers.  It is quite sharp but refreshing - a bit of an acquired taste to begin with but once I got used to it then it was really quite nice.  We then were taken for a tour of the garden.  This time of the year is probably not the best for seeing the herbs as many of them are going to seed, however Caroline made it an interesting and informative exercise!  She then took us into the apothecary and was open for any questions on a consultative basis whilst we all had another drink and a piece of organic, gluten-free cake.  Again, gluten-free cake doesn't look anything like full-fat full-ish cake but hey, I am game to try anything and as our afternoon was only €5 it was worth a try!  I think people had a good afternoon - I certainly hope so - I know Mum did and Caroline was brilliant talking to her about her tinnitus and she was chuffed to bits that Sheila and Helen came and had a chat with her.  It is great for her to meet the people that I talk about and who have helped to make John and I feel so welcome here in Droushia. 
On my return to Droushia I was over the moon to see that John had just about finished the pergola - I shouldn't have been surprised because that is the sort of person that John is but as it has been so very hot today I know he will have pushed himself to the max.  His back, shoulders and head are absolutely glowing tonight as he has been out all day in temperatures that went over 40 degrees this afternoon.  He isn't happy with the end result but then he is a perfectionist so he is never going to be!  I am happy - he is making our home a really lovely place to live in and, if they do build in the field next door, we will just raise the fences and have a beautiful walled garden instead.  We are now discussing what to do with the painted wall - mural, mosaic, planters or what??  Answers on the back of a postcard please!!!
We managed to catch up with Laura tonight - it was so good to speak to her and hope that David Wilson Homes sort out the flooring issue they have in their new house.  I know that Laura is a bit fed up with the situation - all I can say is go away in your camper van to Tenby and let them get on with sorting it out - it will be ok in the end hun xxx  Laura was also saying that she is glued to Easyjet waiting for the prices for next year - we really really hope that you, you and Mark or just Mark can make it over to see us.


We had rather a large visitor in the conservatory tonight and everytime we tried to photograph it, it decided to shut its wings.  John managed to catch this moth which was 4-5 centimetres long and take it outside and release it - before Chivers got wind of it and decided to torment it to death!!! 
It has got hot again and I am suffering as it is gone 10.00pm and it is still over 30 degrees indoors.  We may not like it but we want it to be hot for camping and for when Vix and Trev come over.

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