Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Friday - and no Panicos

We were confined to barracks today because we were supposed to be getting a visit from Panicos to rectify some small problems with the conservatory.  He has been very difficult to pin down so actually we weren't holding our breath that he would pitch up and as we had anticipated he failed to turn up and worse didn't answer his phone - John was not impressed.
John now has a new toy - he has treated himself to some weights and a curling bar - after our initial weight loss having retired plus the fact that we were working all hours in all temperatures we have now settled into a happy routine which includes quite a bit of food and more than the occasional glass of vino or beer - those calories begin to creep up on you!!  I am going to have to get back on the Wii once it cools a little and get myself into a bit of a fitness regime otherwise I shall end up a right porker!
We had an email and text from Wheelie Cyprus Helen to tell us that one of her cats, Baz, had been rushed to the vets...
Baz pitched up with some sort of abscess on his side which may have been as a result of a dog or snake bite.  It probably looks worse than it is because the vets had to clear the area around the wound.  Fortunately Helen says that he is coping well and eating - the difficulty will be keeping the wound clean as he is normally out and about a lot.  On a positive note they took him to the new vets in Peyia and were very impressed by the treatment and the charges.  Anyway we know how we would be feeling if it were one of our cats so we are sending big kisses to Baz and hope he makes a full recovery very very soon.

We took the opportunity whilst we were hanging around to gather together some of the things we will need for our camping expedition - it is like planning a trip to the Himalayas with Sherpa Wiseman gathering together stuff to cover all eventualities!!  We took a quick look at the tent and were quite relieved to see that it was double skinned so not quite so shabby as we first thought.  With temperatures cooling here quite rapidly at night we know we are in for a bit of a chilly one as the campsite must be even further above sea level than we are - those sleeping bags are going to come in handy!!
Tonight there was not only a full moon but a blue moon which is a rare statistical quirk which occurs when there is a full moon twice in a calendar month.  The last time this happened in August was two years ago.  It was a beautiful night and early on just before it got dark the sky was a fantastic colour and the moon was huge.  I did my best to try and capture it!

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