Thursday, 20 September 2012

Getting Ready for Glamping...

For John's birthday we are off camping for the weekend with Wheelie Cyprus Helen and Alistair and Crafty Jane and Mark so we were spending the day getting everything together - this does not happen by accident in our household - as you will know if you know John at all - it is done with military precision and this was our list - two days we are going - just two days!!!
The list is an essential as far as I am concerned as retirement has affected my brain, clearly!  I have trouble remembering what day it is sometimes!!!  Still as we have no idea what there is as the campsite we don't want to leave anything to chance so everything bar the kitchen sink is being included!

We certainly wont starve or be wanting for a drink as we have made sure that we are well provided for.  We are responsible for the meal on Saturday night so have opted for pork souvlaki, loukanaki, halloumi and lounza and some of Effi's fabulous keftedes accompanied by salad.  I had an emergency phone call from Helen regarding Saturday lunch so we threw in more halloumi and lounza and some pittas - Helen is doing some sort of casseroley thing for Friday Night and Jane is doing jacket potatoes to go with it and then Jane and Mark are doing the fry-up on Sunday morning.  We are well excited as we haven't been camping since John's 40th birthday so that will be 5 years ago exactly!!!
We got everything ready and all the non-perishables packed into the car and then got ourselves ready to go out with neighbours George and Pam who are out here on an extended holiday and with neighbours Trish and Ollie who are the only other couple who live in Lordos 1 permanently.

George had organised to take us to Stathmos for a meze to say thank you to us for looking after his house in his absence.  To be fair Ollie and Trish do most of the looking after but John has gone and done a couple of jobs for George whilst he has been here this time. 
We have eaten at Stathmos before - in fact the Stifado there is great - but we haven't had a meze there.  It turned out to be a really really good meal with everything cooked fresh and brought immediately to the table.  I was amazed to see John tucking into a roasted aubergine dish which was absolutely delicious but John doesn't like aubergines!!! 

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