Friday, 21 September 2012

Going Glamping...

Having completed packing the car and given Pam her instructions on feeding the cats we set off on our holidays.  
Here we are in convoy making our way to the campsite passing through some absolutely stunning scenery.  I would just hasten to add that we are not going cycling, Helen, Jane and Mark are the mad ones! 
We had an unplanned stop en route at about Lyssos when Helen jumped out of the car clutching a carrier bag - we thought either Rocky or Arni (the dogs) had been ill!!!  In fact she headed off to pick fresh figs for breakfast ably helped by Jane! and then it was back in the cars and off to Stavros Tis Psokas campsite. 

We had a really really pleasant surprise when we arrived at our destination as the campsite is so pretty and was relatively clean and tidy (by Cyprus standards) with a couple of cook houses where you can wash up and plug into some electric, a toilet and shower block (although unfortunately no hot water in the showers) and some purpose built barbeque pits.

Our first job was to get our tents erected and we were amazed at how easy our tent went up and what a decent size it was - it was €30 well spent and we made it cosy with the blow up mattress, fleecy blankets, sleeping bags and pillows - in fact we managed to get ours up first!!!
Once settled with everything unpacked and fridges plugged in chilling the alcohol, we went on a walk up in the mountains and it was absolutely stunning and I had thought it was going to be considerably colder the further up we had driven but it was lovely.
We did a circular walk to build up an appetite and managed to find a car to prop the camera up on to take a photograph of us all.  Unfortunately Arni was fannying about under the seat so you can't see him but Rocky looks like he is smiling!!!  So here we are then, the happy campers!!!  We are so fortunate to have made friends with people who are showing us parts of the island we might never have found ourselves.  We couldn't believe that when we went to find the Mouflon the other week we were just yards from the entrance to the campsite but didn't know it existed.  Helen said that when they had camped there previously they had been the only ones but there were a couple of Cypriot lads on motor bikes and a German couple also staying under canvass overnight.

We chilled when we got back, sitting in dappled sunlight under the trees.  The dogs wandered about and were really no trouble except for when a Forrester's truck periodically came through in which case Rocky made himself heard!!!  Helen provided a fantastic spicy beef casserole which we mopped up with Jane's jacket potatoes and then embarked on a late night game of Mexican trains whilst hitting a hole in the bar!!!  How often did we have to remind Jane of the rules?????  Yes Jane you need 15 tiles and no Jane you can't go there because you have a train on your line but you can go on the Mexican train!!!!
Day one of Glamping - stunning scenery, great meal, good company and a comfortable tent - what more could a girl want???

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