Sunday, 23 September 2012

Goodbye Glamping - Happy Birthday John and Dad...

New Cake Recipe Added!! New Cake Recipe Added!! New Cake Recipe Added!!

The impromptu party last night meant that I had a terrible night's sleep - John as always slept through it all - the singing and bazouki playing and early morning conversations at a million decibels accompanied by the car alarm!!!  I think it probably tailed off by 4.00am and then I did get some shut-eye before the campsite awoke again at about 6.00am!!!
It was John's birthday - his 45th - and this is about the third time we have celebrated his birthday by camping - there was the trip to Ross on Wye in the Navy Camper Van and there was the 40th birthday bash in the field at the Masons Arms Odcombe when he went to sleep with his trainers on and now this one in amongst the trees up a mountain in Cyprus.  It is also my Dad's birthday, his 81st and my Uncle David's 80th.  Mum and Dad are currently in the UK to celebrate Uncle David's 80th and I am sure they are having a smashing time - I can't believe that it was a year ago that Kaye and I sweltered in Mum's kitchen rustling up a mega buffet on what was possibly the hottest day of the year - not sure they will be experiencing the same temperatures in Reading but I know they will be thrilled to be surrounded by so many family members including my Dad's brother who has managed to make it from Canada even though he is not in the best of health. 
Anyway back to today we all rose slightly jaded and decided to forego the freezing cold showers or even the Alistair Bucket Method in favour of a full fry-up courtesy of Jane and Mark.
Working under difficult conditions they managed to produce a decent English and it was much appreciated before we tackled the job of taking down the tents and trying to repack the cars.  Why is it that everything seems to inflate by about ten times when it is removed from your suitcase?  Even though we had eaten most of the food and made a fair old dent in the alcohol we still seemed to have more stuff to pack up than we had brought.
The fitties decided to go for a walk in the morning but John and I decided that we would go back home because Trev and Vix had arrived last night and were holed up in the Stephanos Hotel Apartments in Polis and we had felt guilty that we hadn't been around to pick them up from the airport.  We called in very briefly (as we were itching - literally - for a shower) to say Hi and to make sure they were ok.  As predicted Trev was horizontal on a sunbed catching the rays!  They had arrived safe and sound and although the accommodation was more than adequate the beds left a lot to be desired and Trev had suffered dreadfully from lack of sleep - I could sympathise with that!!!  We offered for them to come and stay up at ours and they jumped at the chance so we said we would return later and pick them up.
After a shower and change of clothes, we unpacked the car and put all the camping equipment away.  We will have to get the tent back out next week after Vix and Trev have gone home to give it a good blast to get rid of all the orange dust it had attracted.  We nipped down to Paps to stock up on some food - well Trev the Honey Monster is coming to stay! and then went to find Trev and Vix in their holiday apartment.  Actually I was quite surprised by the spaciousness of the apartment and it seemed to have everything they needed but it was a bit basic and a little dated.
Our first port of call was the harbour at Latchi so that we could have the first (of many) drinks together and then back to ours to unpack before deciding to go to Yiannis in Kathikas for a meal.  Yianni did not disappoint as Trev had a fantastic T-Bone steak, John had Afelia to die for and Vix and I really enjoyed our salad, dips and green eggs followed by hot apple cake and fresh melon.
Hopefully the start of a good holiday!

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