Monday, 17 September 2012

No Art Today...

Sheila and Klaus have visitors who arrive today so I had no art although Sheila has kindly invited both Vicki and I to go next week and to stay for lunch.

With the morning to ourselves John and I decided to be really slobby and watch a film.  We had thought that 'The Help' was a good movie and had seen 'The Secret Life of Bees' advertised as one which people had been bought in conjunction so decided to go for it.  It has a pretty all-star cast and is a gentle film which was also set in the early 1960's around the time of the Civil Rights Movement and though not entirely about the way that the Blacks were treated or rather mistreated it is integral to the plot. 

Chivers has been bringing us a whole range of little 'presents' which he plays with and then leaves to expire on the carpet either under the table in the lounge, the conservatory or the gazebo.  In the last day or so we have had one of those lovely prehistoric looking geckos and a minuscule shrew and a massive grasshopper which I swept out onto the shingle and then found that one of the really big hornets had landed on it and was sucking the bodily fluid out of the remains.  How disgusting!!!  I had to get rid of it well out of Chivers reach or else he would be in danger of getting stung.

I still had Greek in the afternoon.  This is the view as I go cross country to Sam's apartment - I could think of worse places to go for a lesson!!  I knew it was going to be harder this week - she has said that we are going to do more oral work so that I can get my ear more attuned to the language.  That should be fun - I am ok writing it and ok if I have time to think and consider my response but off the cuff well that is a bit more difficult!!  The lesson went ok-ish with the first half being almost entirely in Greek.  The trouble is I want to answer Sam's questions honestly rather than just use the vocabulary I have learned!

On the way back home I stopped on the road which takes you past the 'Egyptians' shack so that I could take a picture of the smiling goats.  This is to show Hazel that they are still there and still smiling although my photograph is nowhere near as funny as the one she took when the goat had its cheeks stuffed full of food!!!  I don't know whether it is normal for goats to look like they are happy or whether it is just because they realise they have another day grazing rather than becoming souvla!! (Apologies to all your vegetarians out there).  Once back at home it seemed strange to no longer have the paralympics to watch - we have both enjoyed it so much and having been out most of the afternoon I realised that I had missed the parade to honour the athletes - will have to find it on catch-up!

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