Friday, 28 September 2012

Our Mega Walk...

As we do when we have guests and the weather allows, we sat outside for breakfast whilst deciding what to do with our day.  John appears to be looking to the gods for inspiration but in truth no inspiration is required as we had decided to go for a walk.  We thought we would check out how far it is to walk the back way from Droushia (via the dump - lovely!!) to Arodes and madly on to Fitos's kiosk for lunch if time allowed and we were up for it because how ever far it was that we walked going we had to walk the same distance back!

It was a lovely morning and to start with not too hot for walking and we stepped out taking in the scenery - John was desperately trying to capture a bee-eater on camera but the little buggers must have been laughing at him as no sooner had they settled on a wire and John got the camera out than they flew off again just out of camera range. 
The last couple of nights and the accompanying condensation means that some things are beginning to green up again but looking back along the road in all its bright white dustiness that was not particularly in evidence in fact it was all looking pretty tired.

Although we went down some roads we had not been down before and saw parts of Arodes we hadn't seen before either we eventually came across the pretty little square and decided to sit down and take the weight off of our feet and have a well-earned drink whilst taking in the scenery.  If things go to plan for Trevor and Vicki this could be their new village as the house they have looked at to rent is not far away.  Arodes is split into Pano and Kato - Upper and Lower and is quite traditional with the coffee shop in the square and a little 'supermarket' for essentials.

We decided to carry on and continue our walk to Fitos's for lunch and in so doing got a better view of Arodes from a distance.  There was a smallish section when we needed to walk on the main road but there was a wide enough verge to make it reasonable safe and we put Trevor in front so that if anything untoward happened it happened to him first.

Lunch at Fitos's was as good as we had anticipated and we were all rather grateful of the walk back afterwards to work it off - and even though it didn't seem to take too long to walk back home we all began to feel rather weary afterwards.

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