Wednesday, 10 October 2012

A Normal Crafty Wednesday...

Minnie Mou seems to be back to her normal self - aloof, picky, a total diva!!  There is still evidence of whatever it was that caused the puncture wound in her leg but it looks clean and the swelling has gone down.  A real bonus is that we have conquered the pill taking trauma - if I crush the tablet into dust and mix it into her food then being the little piggy that she is, she wolfs it down.  Wish we had known that before we went through all the rigmarole of wrapping her in a blanket and pinning her down before forcing her jaws open only to have her spit the tablet out until it got so soggy it was worse than useless!
Today being Wednesday I was off to craft so I thought I would give you an insight into some of the work that is being done by the various ladies that attend.  On the left is the first of a series of four pots which Alex is creating.  She has marked this one with a fern pattern and is recreating the design in mosaic.  The tiles are all in soft muted colours and once she has finished the leaves she will mosaic the rest of the pot.  She has admitted today that she is beginning to regret her decision to do a set of four!  On the right is a wall hanging that Carol has created for her grand-daughter.  She got the blank LOVE from Turtle Moon in Trimethousa and has decorated it using mosaic tiles and embellishments.  Carol and I sat in more or less companionable silence most of this morning doing our grouting.

I have finished my latest set of coasters.  This time a set of six which I have covered using natural green and gold colours.  These are an improvement on the last pink and purple set in terms of the grouting (a) because I was there to do all the grouting myself and (b) I have a better idea of what it is I am trying to achieve!!  Jeanette has always said that the grouting can make or break a project and I can see what she means.
For lunch the lovely Graham rustled up a cauliflower and butternut squash gratin which was absolutely delicious and I say that with some incredulity because I normally find cauliflower very bland.  I can't believe how both he and Klaus manage to get me to eat food I would not normally consider.  Perhaps it has something to do with the quality and freshness of the vegetables that are available here. 

After lunch I set about finishing Brian the Turd and I did so with great care because we all know what I will end up with if I knock off his head!!!  Having smoothed him over with fine sandpaper I sealed him with PVA and filled in all the holes that appeared as I worked into the block.  These holes are part and parcel of the material but look unsightly or became areas of weakness.  He is finished and he was packed into the car and ferried home and then found a place in the garden.  I have my fingers crossed that he will survive intact!  I cant believe that I managed to fashion a snail like Brian out of a rectangular block - so big thanks to Jeannette because I am all fired up to do something else!

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