Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A Quiet Day after a Disturbed Night...

We had a poor night's sleep for a number of reasons.  After several days of reduced water pressure, yesterday we had no water at all, and then at some point during the night some pressure was restored and I could hear water running - in fact it was only filling the water tank but it sounded like we were being flooded.  We had also let Minnie out last night as she was driving us mad to get out and I was keeping an ear out to hear her come back in.  Finally we had a powercut in the night and when it returned it made the phone by the bed do its squeaky thing to let us know.  So when we did get up we were a little less than bouncing with the joys of life!
To ease ourselves into the day we decided to catch up on the XFactor as watching that doesn't really take much brain power does it??  We shouldn't have bothered and we have vowed not to watch again having seen that Rylan bloke put through - hardly a good role model for kids is he? He is completely talentless and can barely speak and, in my humble opinion, has taken the place of others who showed at least some talent.  And what the hell was Louis thinking about with that hair thing going on???  Am I the only person on this planet who finds him creepy - really creepy??  Anyway if Ella Henderson doesn't walk away with the prize then I would think questions should be asked.

John wanted to clean our neighbours pool this morning.  He had meant to do it last week but didn't have time and Gregoris and Theodora had popped in very briefly yesterday as they had to be in Paphos earlier in the day.  Gregoris and Theodora have had a bit of a hard time over the last couple of months what with their elder son Philippos being involved in a car accident and Theodora's mother having an unexpected heart attack.

John thought it would be a nice opportunity for us to 'work together' which as you know is nigh on impossible because he always has to be boss and I always have to be minion and I am a weak and pathetic woman with the attention span of a gnat.  Still after 21 years of marriage you would think he would be used to me by now!
Minser seems fine today but having started a course of antibiotics we are keen to see it through as we still have no idea exactly what caused her injury.  She is, however, a master at keeping her mouth very firmly clamped together and although I have purchased a special pill dispenser we still struggle with this.  I managed to kid her twice today by crushing up the tablet and hiding it in amongst her wet food but I am guessing she will soon get wise to that.  She has spent most of her time in and around the house and garden and, just as John was going to do some work on his bench, she decided to take up residence inside!  She moved out when he started doing some heavy duty sawing!!
I feel an early night coming on...

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