Thursday, 11 October 2012

It's Official Autumn is HERE...

We had to get up early this morning to get down to Polis to sort out one of our deposit accounts and it was a very different day today - grey and gloomy with one of our legendary rolling mists but then again it was 7.00am!  As our water is heated by the sun we can struggle on days like today if we used all the hot water yesterday but we decided to chance it and we were lucky that the water was warm enough to shower and for me to wash my hair so I didn't look like Worzel Gummidge or sit in the bank with my own swarm of flies!!  We got down to Polis at just after 8.00am because John thought that the Alpha bank was open at 8.15 but in fact the doors don't open until 8.30am so we wandered round the corner to the Co-Op bank to sort out our account there.   Having sorted out our money we did a few other bits and pieces whilst down in town including stocking up on some food!

As I was going down to Paphos to play pickleball for the first time since our summer break and we had both missed out on breakfast we treated ourselves to brunch and I made some BLT's using some of the wonderful torpedo rolls that you can get in Paps.  John needed some sustenance because he had more wood delivered yesterday and he was going to start on his new building project whilst I was down in Paphos.  We have had an idea about putting some sort of ballustrading around the decking area in the front garden to define the area and we use it in the evenings to capture the last of the sun as it goes down and in the winter this is where we get the sun if there is any.
As I said we were back playing pickleball for the first time since we broke for the summer way back in June.  Blimey it was hard going - it is still quite a bit warmer down in Paphos and the temperature on the car was showing 27 degrees with humidity well up at around 75%.  I managed to struggle my way through the hour and a half - my calves are still aching after the mega walk that we had at the weekend with Jane and John and I know that I am going to feel it tomorrow but in a perverse sort of way you do feel good afterwards although I was a right old sweaty Betty!!!

As I was the player to sit out last I took a wander along the beach to take some photographs.  It was getting late and the sun had gone in so everything had a grey/silvery appearance.  There are still quite a lot of holiday makers around at the moment and although we are noticing it cooling down considerably it must be a darn sight better than back in the UK at the moment - I know this because I have seen the flood warnings being issued at the moment.  I think it is going to be a long and miserable winter for some people.  I called into see Mum and Dad before going back to Droushia.  They had been out for the day with Jane and John to see Curium which has had a lot of work done to it and Mum reckons it is a great place to take visitors.  I haven't been for years so maybe we will make the trip soon.
The weather deteriorated as I drove home - in fact when I left Paphos it looked like rain was coming and as I approached our house the clouds were gathering but we were lucky we never got any rain.  The plus side to an overcast sky at night is that it is much warmer up here at night.  Poor John was knackered when I got home because he had spent the afternoon cutting wood for the balustrading - without a chop saw he has to do this by hand and his Jet saw is a bit knackered so it is hard work.  He has got everything ready so that we can spend the day together tomorrow and try and get it finished.

We had a bit of excitement this evening as we were watching TV when Chivers brought in a shrew - I knew he had something as he always runs in straight under the curtain inmthe dining room area.  John managed to attract his attention and lure him away so that I could catch the shrew, which was still alive, and take it out.  It was tiny and I was scared that I might squash it so I managed to get my hands over it but when John tried to capture it in a cup it made a bid for freedom and shot under the new fridge.  We tried to find it but failed miserably so God knows where it is now!

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