Monday, 1 October 2012

Monday Monday ...

No art this Monday as Sheila and Klaus are saying goodbye to their visitors and, as we have Jane and John staying next weekend I will be cancelling next Monday as well.  At this rate I am going to have to take some medication as I will be suffering from withdrawal symptoms!!

We are rather glad that Vicki and Trevor aren't here today as we are at home to a field full of heavy plant and lorries and diggers and the roller that shakes your body to the core.  The road will soon be completed - boo hiss - and we will no longer live in a cul-de-sac which wont really bother us but is a shame for Sharon and Shaun who will now have traffic going past their house.  The cats will have to stop sleeping in the middle of the road and spinning the car round at the top of the road will be very inadvisable!  Pants to Progress is what we say!
When we were last down at Emba we inherited one of Mum and Dad's old pots which has been in the wars a bit and has been lovingly repaired by Dad and which is now housing my Gardenia which I managed to bring back from the brink by removing it from the garden and bringing it into the conservatory.  Mum was replacing it with a lovely big brown pot she bought from a guy in Chloraka. 
There is a sad side to this story as the pot guy is from Syria and has witnessed some horrendous atrocities during the recent troubles - I wont go into detail but lets just say the World we live in can be a terrible place sometimes and if all we have to worry about is some building going on next door then really we have nothing to moan about at all.
We have taken two of the smaller brown pots from the pot guy - I think Mum negotiated two for €25 which is a bit of a bargain and I have potted up the ornamental pepper which Wheelie Cyprus Helen gave me and which has been somewhat reticent in flowering and fruiting in one and in the other the succulent cuttings that I took from Wheelie Helen's bank.  We have decided to position these two pots on the corner of the decking in the front garden.
I had taken my Greek homework out to the front garden as it is sheltered and secluded there so I couldn't see the diggers and it was slightly less noisy.  This will probably become a favourite spot when they start building in earnest so we are keen to make the most of the space.  I suggested putting some railings and trellis around the decking so that I could grow something up and around the area and John actually thought it was a good idea so that is going to be a project for him in the future.  We are also considering getting some solar decking lights and some solar lights to sit on the fence posts between us and Paul next door.  Solar = no running costs and we are all for that!
Whilst out in the garden George and Pam came round to return the garden tools they had borrowed from us.  The hedge trimmer was returned with a completely new flex - apparently George was just doing the last little bit of the bush by his bedroom when he managed to chop through the cable and was mortified.  Blimey I think he was lucky not to have done himself some damage.  John was so cross that George decided to get it repaired because John could have done it himself.  Instead George took the hedge trimmer to Glykkis in Prodromi and Maria sent it to their technicians in Nicosia where it was repaired and returned for €25!

En route down to Prodromi and my Greek Lesson I called in to return Ollie and Trish's house keys as I had been watering for them whilst they were having a little holiday in Rome.  I was really thrilled when Trish gave me a thank you gift of a 2013 calendar which will come in very handy, a nice new tea towel with some recipes I will be trying out and a little bottle of Lemoncello which I LOVE!!!!  I hadn't expected anything as it had only been a few days but it was nice to feel appreciated.  Apparently they had a really lovely time and Ollie (who had wanted to go to the Lakes rather than Rome) didn't want to come back so it must have been a hit.  Anyway there were no traumas with their house unlike last time when the paint on the kitchen ceiling decided to part company with the ceiling but then it was after all the awful weather we had had at the beginning of the year. Talking of which we are due our first Coptic Storm sometime around 27th September - once that happens then we know that we are slowly but surely working our way towards winter!

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