Thursday, 4 October 2012

Panicos was true to his word...

Panicos, who has been very difficult to pin down due to a number of random excuses - including the one where he was at the Nicosia Police because his son was in a spot of bother - did actually pitch up with the replacement parts for the conservatory doors - this is progress - however he was not able to stay to fit them - not such progress!  It will probably be another few months before he comes back again!
Anyway we had been prepared to stay in all day waiting for him so when he came and went by 10.00am it left us time to get on with getting the house ready for our weekend guests. 
For a long time know I have been dripping about the fact that my fridge is half full of drinks chilling and our little chiller is only that - a little chiller - and that I struggle to find room to put away food that needs refridgerating.  We had seen a fridge down at the Outlet Store in Paphos that was made to look more like a chiller and so we decided that we would juggle some money round and go and get one as it wouldn't look too out of place in the dining room.  So Panicos having been and gone, John shot off down to Paphos to go and get one and I can't tell you how wonderful it is to get my fridge back to housing food and being able to see what you have got, or not as the case may be, and now there is no danger of finding some manky old cheese or tomato lurking in the back!

We have also got the blanket box thingy positioned in the conservatory and it is small enough not to get in the way and will provide much needed storage and at least now my cushions and throws will be protected for a bit longer.  As the Summer is on the way out we are now experiencing evening rolling mists and very heavy condensation at night which plays havoc with things which are left outside.
On the subject of the conservatory we have also put the mosaic gecko up on the wall - looks nice but it has now occurred to me that one or other of us is going to have to do so pretty nifty cutting in when we come to decorate next!!! 
I thought you might like to see the plant in the garden which I have allowed to grow and flower - normally I keep it cropped back into a neat shape but in so doing we never get to see it bloom and it is really pretty.  I think it is a Campsis Radicans but I could be wrong - we have a similar plant in the front garden which I am going to train to grow up the end of the new pergola.

The pool came in for a good old cleaning as John likes to have it looking sparkling when we have guests - well in fairness he likes to have it look sparkling all of the time but with the dust being generated by the workmen in the field next door he is fighting a losing battle.
On the subject of the road we decided to take a walk to see what has been done - Chivers decided to come too - honestly there are times when he acts more like a dog than a cat!!!  We begrudgingly have to admit that they are making a very neat job of the road but it seems to take up so much space - by the time it is completed and the green areas have been allocated the plots will seem quite small.  We are guessing that the second layer on the road will be done tomorrow so at least it will be quiet for the weekend - fingers crossed.

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