Saturday, 20 October 2012

Saturday and a Day of Eating...

Dad, Jane and John were walking today from Aroudes and then eating at Yiannis.  Mum has been feeling poorly with a bad throat which normally leads to a dreadful cold and then the antibiotics she has been taking have affected her tinnitus so she wasn't walking and was feeling a bit low so we arranged to meet her in Aroudes and then bring her back to ours before we went off down into Polis and, as I wanted to see Tina at the Art Cafe, lunch there in the sunshine, the very welcome sunshine.  John's new decked area has come into its own and I think we will use it a lot during the cooler months.

Mum was actually feeling a bit better and it was lovely to be able to sit outside.  It was also nice to see that Tina's was buzzing and shortly after I took this photograph all the tables were full!!!  There was no way to discuss the next ladies' lunch as she was rushed off her feet so I arranged that I would ring her on Monday.  Anyway we had a lovely meal - her food is always interesting and fresh and enough that we had to forego the pleasure of a piece of cake to follow - we bought them and had them as a takeaway instead!  You didn't really think that John would pass up the opportunity to have a piece of the legendary almond and caramel cake did you?
It is a good job that we are all cat lovers because everywhere you go in Cyprus there will be at least one little cutie who comes up for a little bit of TLC.  There were three running around in Tina's but if I had had to make a choice I would have taken this one with me!!! 
We had had quite a successful morning as Mum had managed to get a bargain in Orphanides with a new iron that was in the sale but which we are convinced had been priced incorrectly in the right direction! 
We took Mum to Yiannis when the walk and lunch were over and handed her back for the afternoon!  I think John was having withdrawal symptoms as there was no football at ENAD in Polis today!!  And what a difference a day a week makes with the weather - last Saturday we were mopping out and this Saturday we are mopping our brows in the heat!!
We had arranged to go out with Sharon and Shaun and plumped for a fish and chip supper in Latchi.  We haven't had fish and chips from there for ages and it made a really nice change.   We had thought about taking a walk along the marina but we were all flagging and we needed to rekindle the Girls v Boys Droushia Cribbage Championship where the girls were and remain the champions!!

You know those taverna cats I was talking about? I am glad that we have already got our quota of two because given the chance I would have a million - just take a look at this corker who came in the hopes that there might be a little fish spare although to be fair he/she hardly looks malnourished!!!

Bit of a panic when we returned home because we found Chivers holding up a poorly paw and limping very much as Minnie had done the previous weekend.  I got the antibiotics out at the ready but John gave him a thorough examination (he qualified as a vet shortly after he became a nuclear physicist!!!) and declared that it had probably been jarred when he jumped down from somewhere/something!!  It didn't stop us worrying and John carried him over to bed so that we knew where he was all night (Chivers that is, not John!!).

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