Saturday, 27 October 2012

Sporty Saturday...

There was a stunning sunrise this morning - it heralded another beautiful day here - in fact it was even hotter today than yesterday.  Although the weather station showed temperatures in the high 30s at midday it also showed an indication of forthcoming rain and my neighbour Angela from 3B (the house that has undergone the massive refurbishment) was talking of rain when I went round with our contact details and to say thank-you for the blouse she had given me.  I think it must be one of her designs as I believe she and her husband Phil are in the rag trade back in England.  The diet I was talking about yesterday will have to start and soon if I am going to be able to wear it as it is a little on the snug side!
Sharon's daughter and friend arrived safe and sound although their flight was a little delayed.  They may well not stay up here after Sunday when Sharon and Sean fly back as they have been offered to stay in a villa down in Peyia which would be more convenient for them as they will have no transport and, let's face it there is a lot more to do down there if you are two girls in your 20s!

Sharon and Sean have been having a bit of a clear out whilst they have been here and Sean offered us an old rug which had been knocking about at theirs.  He said it was a bit worse for wear but would help us to keep our feet warm in the winter!!!  He was right in that there are a multitude of marks and stains - some very permanent by the looks of things but with some strategically placed furniture and pot plants I have managed to hid some of them.  The rug that was there is normally put in the kitchen in the winter and we do need something in there if our feet are not to freeze!  The one that S&S gave us will certainly tide us over for this winter and I shall attack it with their carpet cleaner at some point to see if I can improve its appearance at all!
There was a home game for ENAD Polis today so John was off to watch and picking up Running John on the way but not before I fed him - we are back to salads now when we can.  I also looked out a cushion so that he could sit in comfort.  No need for raincoat and umbrella this week thank goodness and he was looking forward to it.  He wasn't disappointed as they won 4-0 and the game had it all including two being sent off from the opposition and one from ENAD together with fisticuffs in the tunnel!!!  Next home game is in two weeks' time!  And the following one I am supposed to be going and hopefully our favourite stalkers will come with us as they will be over.

The recent wet weather has made for some lush grazing and the smiley goats were out and about today but for once neither of the cats seemed to be interested.  In fact Minnie Mou has been acting strangely something has upset her - it could be me as I had to remove a tick from her today and then spray with stuff which she hated - or it could be that there are a lot of people around in Angela's tidying up and in the garden of the villa next door and this is possibly where she likes to go and hide out.  Either way I have had to be very patient with her as she has been running around on her knees like a right old scaredy cat.
For Sharon and Sean's last night we opted for a big night in Polis and some sport!!!  Sean and John were going to try out the Pool Club.  Sharon and I were just being nosey as neither of us are keen pool players!!  The Club is fairly newly opened and has five American sized tables and although we didn't know it is run by someone that Sean and Sharon know.  An hour's pool is €9 for the table so not too expensive and the boys managed to fit in nine games.  John says that he ended the last game left handed having won eight on the bounce including one where Sean sunk the black after potting his last ball!!!  It wasn't Sullivans night that was for sure!!!
While they were re-enacting the 'Color of Money' Sharon and I went to investigate the ten pin bowling alley which is just a couple of doors down the road.  For a Saturday night it was empty - although it was still relatively early as Cypriots tend to go out much later than we do.  We were the only ones in there and Sharon and I took the opportunity to have a quick game before the boys came in to rib us mercilessly - perhaps we should have had the bumpers up after all!!!  Let's just say no-one will be knocking our door down to ask us to join their team!!!  I managed to amass a total score of 81 on the first game and 89 on the second - it is sooooo much easier on the Wii!!!
It was a right old laugh but we may have to rethink the challenge we threw down to Crafty Jane and Mark for a sporting night out!!!

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