Friday, 5 October 2012

Total Wipeout...

Day two of the great road-building exercise in the field next door and we have had an eclectic mix of machinery - today a roller with its own sun brolly.  They have really cracked on with the road and we are certain that it will be finished before Jane and John come tomorrow.  It has been a very neat job and they have been reasonably tidy and reasonably quiet for once.  We don't like it but there is nothing we can do about it so as we keep saying we will enjoy the view whilst we can - could anyone send us out some industrial strength ear defenders for the future because we are gong to need them.
We are turning our attention to the garden as we think that this is going to be very important in the future.  John is really pleased with the pergola he has erected just inside the front gate.  We went into next door to sort out the grapevine that is coming up over the wall which we are 'borrowing' until ours gets established. Whilst there we decided to sweep up all the crap that has accumulated so it looks better and looks a bit more cared-for.  John did meet the owner ages ago and he did talk about coming back to live there after his triple heart bypass but he probably took one look at the extent of work required to make the property habitable and decided against it.  Anyway we don't mind doing a little cosmetic work to the garden to make it look better - it is for our benefit after all.  Anyway the upshot is that the front garden is slowly becoming a secluded quiet area and in the winter it is the place where we capture the sun.  We have moved the patio heater out onto the decking there and we have decided to put some sort of rail around the edge to define the area and allow me somewhere to grow plants around to add more colour - for once John and I are in agreement and we are going to order the wood later today when we are down in Polis.
I had been asked by Marmalade Annie if I could pick up a cake which had been made by Elena at Orexi for the Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning event being held in Argaka the proceeds of which were going to Cancer Care.  This was not a problem and we picked it up and set off to give our support.  It is never a problem to ask John to support these sorts of things as he remembers my Soroptimist days and how difficult raising money can be - plus he is a sucker for a piece of cake and a nice cup of tea!!  and when we arrived at the venue there were so many wonderful pieces of cake to chose from!  John opted for a slice, or rather a slab, of a chocolate Guinness cake which he declared to be absolutely delicious (he could give Paul Hollywood a run for his money I can tell you) and then sweet-talked Marmalade Annie into a second cup of tea.  We did our bit by supporting the tombola (one bottle of Rose - success) and was joined by Jeannette who was in raptures about the gluten-free selection which is normally pretty limited.

The venue was beautiful and when I spoke to Marmalade Annie later in the day she said that it had been a hugely successful event - so hats off to all those involved they did and excellent job.  As we wanted to catch the woodyard we had to shoot off - plus we had to stock up on provisions in readiness for the arrival of Jane and John tomorrow.
We got all our chores done and John decided that as it was Friday we would venture into the village and 'spread the wealth'  this meant going to Stathmos for a drink and then Christos for a drink.  We like to go into the village and think it is important that we are seen to be involved in village life.

John did his best to order two beers in Greek when we got to Stathmos but got it a little wrong much to the amusement of Bambos the proprietor and one of the local lads.  However when we managed to order a second correctly the local lad - Savvas paid for it!  We had a bit of car envy when Savvas's mate drove by in a new VX Scirocco which was πολύ ωραία (very swish).  After that everything went a bit hazy as the overly large gin and tonic from Alkisti rendered me absolutely useless and I had to retire to bed early missing the inaugural Skype call from our Stalkers.  So a belated and apologetic Happy Birthday Bill - I am such a lightweight.

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