Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Wednesday Crafting...


Just to give you some idea of how much rain we have had over the last couple of days then here is a picture of the new car park in Latchi under inches of water - those boats will start to sail away of their own accord soon!!!  I took this on my way to Neo Chorio and craft this morning - it was 21 degrees when I left Droushia and a heady 25 degrees when I got down to Latchi - which just goes to show how much warmer it is down by the coast.
When I got to Jeannette's she was glad to see me as she was worried that no-one else was going to arrive!  Lots of the group are away at the moment for a number of reasons so in the end it was just Jeannette, Chris and me.  Jeannette's husband Graham has been doing more and more painting recently and last week he had completed this beautiful painting of a turtle which was quite relevant bearing in mind that John and I had been lucky enough to swim with a turtle very recently in Pomos.  I think this is a stunning picture and if it were for sale (Jeannette said she loved it so much she didn't want to sell it) I would probably consider buying it - Jeannette says it should have been painted with whiskers as she thinks it looks like it is a grumpy old man!!
This week Graham showed us a second picture that he has done of a turtle as he had enjoyed doing the first one so much.  He certainly has a real talent in this area - he uses a mix of media but mainly acrylics - I really must give them a go at some point.  He also has a real talent when it comes to our craft lunches, man can he make vegetarian, gluten free food taste good - today he did a tricolour farfalle pasta with a fresh tomato, herb and feta cheese sauce which was absolutely delicious and I have to thank him for the cafetiere of delicious coffee that we shared this morning because there was only me there to drink coffee so he got the really good stuff out!
Having finished Brian the Turd last week I was at a bit of a loose end as to what to do today but when I called into the post office on the way down one of my tile orders had come in so I could start the mirror that I want to mosaic for the outside shower so that John can see what he is doing when he shaves!!

God I had a nightmare trying to get the tiles to stick to the cheapo frame I had got from the Euro shop even though I had used some sandpaper to rough up the surface and then primesd it with PVA.  For some reason one or two of the tiles just would not stick and I just know that John is going to point out that the tiles are not stuck square or that the gaps between them are different.  Must thank Shaun for the swimming pool tiles he gave me as I have managed to find a use for them at long last!
We sat outside, albeit under a tiled gazebo, for the whole of the time we were crafting because even though it was stormy it was relatively warm.  Graham was concerned because his cat was missing during the worst of the rain but eventually she pitched up, very wet and very vocal!!  She had to have a good towelling down!  Nulla (probaby spelt incorrectly) is a Benghal cat and quite a stunner and when in Graham's arms can be played like a set of bagpipes - confused? well when he cuddles her he squeezes her everso slightly (like a set of bagpipes) and she squeaks, although not in pain or anything, she geniunely seemed to enjoy it!
The weather started to deteriorate as I left Neo Chorio and made my way back home.  It is a sure sign that Shaun and Sharon are on their way as they always seem to come when the weather is bad. 

We had fun and games tonight as we found another shrew in the house - we are hopeful it is the original one that went missing the other day.  Chivers had set up camp by the sofa with his nose stuck very firmly in underneath so when we lifted it little shrew made a bid for freedom and we eventually caught it in a pint glass (empty fortunately).  It was released outside - hopefully to live another day!


  1. i am so in love with grahams painting ... he could sell this a hundred times over .. i want to join the queue - how fantastic would it be to be that talented and the photo of the day is absolutely stunning x