Friday, 16 November 2012

Friday - A Stinker of a Day...

After a wild night we woke to a calmer day but one which was grey and miserable - not much point in getting up too early so once fed and watered we were joined in bed by the cats who kept us company whilst we drank coffee and caught up on the news on our tablets.  I don't know why we are so preoccupied with the UK news - habit I suppose - personally I like to read the gossip which is in the panel on the right hand side of the Daily Mail online!

The day got worse - as you can see the weather station summed it up - thunder and lightning with an outside temperature which, for us, was a chilly 15.2 degrees although the house temperature was holding up at 19.6 but without any sun would only drop as the day went on.  We kept feeling sorry for Wendy and Bill who had arrived to glorious sunshine and we had whipped them away to Nicosia before they had time to enjoy it and then it had rained ever since and they had endured a couple of lengthy powercuts to boot.

It began to rain very heavily and blow a hooley - and as everything is waterlogged there is nowhere for it to go.  Oh how we wished we had the sandbag that Prodromi Pam was making for us so that we could try and divert the water that pours in at the front door.  John was concerned about the level of the swimming pool as it would only be a matter of time before it would need to be pumped out.  Although a lot of the work John had done had alleviated the situation we still had water coming - this time through the windows that open at the front as their drainage holes clearly could not cope so once again the towels had to come out to stem the tide.

The towels had to be spun regularly and put back into place - Chivers was fascinated and positioned himself in front of the washing machine peering intently at the door and the contents.  This is obviously on a par with watching the water go down the toilet after it has been flushed!!

It really had been a horrible day and to make matters worse I did something I never ever do - forgot that we were supposed to be going out with Wheelie Helen and Alistair down to the shack in Prodromi and to make matters worse didn't remember until Helen text a good half hour after we were supposed to have picked them up to ask if we were still going out.  I felt awful and John was really cross as, for some reason, I hadn't put it in my phone so that we got a reminder.  I hate doing things like that.  We have rearranged and I have a million reminders all over the place so that wont happen again.  I can't say it put a real dampener on the evening as we were damp enough as it was.

At the end of the day there was nothing left but for us to snuggle down with the cats and a little glass of wine and listen to the storm raging - you can tell it is miserable out as both Chivers and MM were in and cosied up on John's lap - as a result he was toasty warm and I was left in splendid isolation - I guess it was my punishment for failing in my Social Secretary duties.  Fingers crossed the weather improves tomorrow.

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