Friday, 9 November 2012

Friday with Friends...

I slept like an absolute log last night and John did too so as a result we were awake mega early this morning so I got up to feed the cats and get the morning coffees sorted.  Something had grabbed Minnie's attention from the depths of the plant pot and she went off to investigate with Chivers keeping watch.  Poor Mins still has a lump at the base of her tail - we are treating her with antibiotics and although generally it isn't bothering her she wont let us touch it so there is clearly an issue there.  If it hasn't improved by Monday and the end of the course of tablets then she is going to the vets to be checked out - if so then John will take her to the new vets in Peyia,  We want to make sure that she is OK particularly if there is some sort of abscess lurking and Mum and Dad are looking after her for the couple of days we are away.  So back to today then and it was a grey start with no sunshine.  It wasn't cold but no sun meant that we had a bracing shower before going to Polis to do some shopping.  We are going to have to put the immersion on soon - either that or smell!!

We tend to stock up on Friday with food for the weekend - the Paps supermarket is obviously getting into the Christmas spirit with a full on display just as you walk in the door!!!  Clearly shopping on Friday is a popular past-time with us Brits as we bumped into several people that we knew including Prodromi Pam and Curry Rival Chris!

Having finished our chores we went into Polis to visit the bank and then go to Tina's Art Cafe to confirm the numbers for the ladies' lunch on Tuesday.  We were a bit concerned when we got into the bank to see it all being packed up - particularly as the branch in Peyia has recently been closed as part of a 'consolidation measure'.  We were pleased to learn though that the bank is moving to bigger and better premises up the road near the museum.  As we left the bank we had a text message from Simon, Melanie and Baby Jasmine (well obviously not from Baby J as she doesn't know how to text yet being only 7 weeks old) to say that they were in the Art Cafe so we hurried along so that we could catch up with them.  We sat with them having a chat and I noticed that there was a photographic exhibition opening later today.  I hoped that John and I might get to see it over the weekend if we had time.  At the point where Jasmine started to exercise her lungs Mel and Simon beat a hasty retreat but we arranged to call in and see them this afternoon as Simon had threatened to make scones!

Once back home I too got in the cooking mode as Running Susan had left a bag of home grown vegetables on the door for me.  The tomatoes were made into a soup and I was left with a load of green peppers which are not normally a favourite of mine as they can tend to repeat a bit (repeat a bit, repeat a bit...) and can look a bit grey and slimy if overcooked.  I managed to find a recipe for Green Capsicum Soup and so decided to give it a go.  It was fairly straightforward and at least I had all the ingredients so I gave it a go.  John seemed unconvinced until he tasted it and then gave it a big thumbs up - I had added a little chilli and lime pickle to give it a bit of a kick and that seemed to have done the trick.

We made it down to Simon and Mel's where Simon had been true to his word and made some scones.  I told him Mary Berry would be proud and Mel said that he had used Mary B's recipe so no wonder they were light as a feather - this boy is wasted at the Avanti I can tell you!!  We had not long settled in the garden under the bandstand when Elena from Orexi arrived with two of her children - although not little Lola who was apparently asleep - personally we think Elena must have drugged her!!
Baby Jasmine is a hit with everyone and although Mel says she is quite vocal she was as good as gold and, as she does not have a 'floppy head' even John was happy to give her a cuddle although he managed to get her when she was going through a farting and nappy filling session!!
We spent a very pleasant hour or so sat out in the garden eating scones and chatting and although the dogs Hector and Chloe tried to get in on the action Simon kept them locked away until their little faces at the window became too much to bear and he let them out. 
We did not outstay our welcome as I had arranged with Crafty Jane to go round and sort out Dropbox on her computer and had delayed the time as we had been invited for tea, scones and a cuddle with Jasmine.  So we said goodbye and made our way to Aroudes so that I could see what Jane wanted.  It was nothing too taxing and we got Dropbox sorted and Jane managed to upload some photographs to share with a friend and satisfied herself that she knew what she was supposed to do. 
We will be seeing Jane and Mark again on Monday when they are coming for a meal - it's about time as we have been to their place twice now - not that anyone is counting.

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