Monday, 19 November 2012

Monday - a Thank You lunch at Oniros

Up early this morning and I braved a shower without the aid of the immersion heater!  I had arranged to go to Art early because, as a thank-you to Sheila for her patience and encouragement (not to mention use of all her art materials) and to Klaus for feeding me and feeding me so beautifully, we wanted to take them out to lunch and had opted for Oniros (providing the weather was good which it was).  I didn't get to art as early as I had hoped because we had people in the field next door doing things with metal markers and spray paint and John wanted to know what was occurring.  What was occurring was that they were marking out the individual plots and when John spoke to the man in charge, Stellios, he confirmed that at this stage that was all they were doing and that it was nothing to do with the Antonescos Estates development we had seen on-line so we still don't know what will go in front of us and when we are just hoping that it will be nothing for the foreseeable future - fingers crossed.  As you can see my latest picture is very close to being completed - but as John was picking us up just before one o'clock I never had a chance to finish it and I am certainly not going to rush it now.

Whilst we were doing our 'colouring' as John sometimes likes to call it Sheila's friend Lucy popped over from Kathikas clutching (ha-ha) newly laid eggs and loads of them!  Sheila was kind enough to let me have a dozen and she says that they are wonderful so John and I are looking forward to sampling them - they came complete with poo and straw so you can't get much fresher than that.  There was no singing from the kitchen this morning as Klaus's skills were surplus to requirement as we were going out for lunch so he was at a bit of a loose end (not really as he said that Sheila had found other things for him to do!!!). 

John picked us up just before 1.00pm and we had an interesting ride down to Oniros - more about that tomorrow - it was slightly less interesting than our trip through Peyia on Saturday night but again more about that tomorrow!  We were joining Mum and Dad who were taking friend Shirley out for lunch and they were already sitting at a table when we arrived - in dappled shade as it happens which was a good job as it got progressively warmer the longer we sat there!  Shirley, who has been suffering for some time with a back problem, was looking so much better than the last time we saw her which is fantastic and Mum was looking really lovely as she was wearing a shirt and camisole in my favourite colour of teal blue.  

Neither Klaus nor Sheila had been to Oniros before so it was lovely to take them somewhere new and they both agreed that the location was spectacular and the food delicious.  The menu is small but it is all absolutely delicious so it is hard to choose but I went for the Chicken Caesar Salad which I have had before and it is so tasty.  John plumped for the his usual pork belly, apple and coleslaw sandwich with the garlic pitta and tomato dipping sauce.  We have our fingers crossed very firmly that the weather holds so that we can go again on Friday with Wendy and Bill as they haven't been before and it will give them an opportunity to meet up with Mum and Dad at the same time.

We said our farewells to Mum, Dad and Shirley and drove back to Droushia, dropping Sheila and Klaus back home where the current municipal works on the cemetery make it feel like their home has now been incorporated with the 'dead people'.  With the walls down it give us an opportunity to see the plots and headstones which are fascinating and if a cemetery could be described as pretty then this one is.  The Cypriots seem to have great respect for their dead so the plots have an array of headstones, generally with photographs of the interred and flowers and plants and candles dotted around.  Sheila and Klaus are hopeful that when the wall is replaced they will do it sympathetically with natural stone which is what it deserves and they have left the natural stone archway entrance.  

We headed off down to Polis to do some shopping to stock up the cupboards and bumped into Crafty Jane outside the GB Shop - actually she was outside the bowling alley next door as she had just been playing badminton inside.  They have got rid of the gaming machines and made room for a court - Jane said it wasn't perfect and she had really enjoyed herself and for €2 it hardly broke the bank. 

After a beautiful day weather-wise we had a clear night and a clear night means cold!!!  This meant that we had to light the gas fire to take the chill off of the lounge.  The gas fire is still a source of angst in the Wiseman household as it is still unreliable, sometimes it lights, burns, goes from high to low to high to low and can be switched off without an problem, then it wont light, or lights but wont go from high to low to high to low then may or may not switch off or switches off after about 30 minutes.  It is doing John's head in and who can blame him - as I know from my working life, an intermittent problem is a right old bugger to resolve.

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  1. A big thank you to John and Jill. We had a lovely meal and it was nice meeting your Mum and Dad again.Great company and excellent food, and a view to enjoy. x