Saturday, 3 November 2012

Saturday - A little bit of IT...

Today is probably the last day of Summer as the clocks go back at 2.00 tomorrow morning - things never seem quite the same afterwards as the days are shorter and therefore the nights longer.  We will be much more prepared for whatever is in store for us this year than we were last.
After our flooding incident the other day John was keen to get some more sealant down round the conservatory today but he needed (a) for it to be as dry as possible and (b) his trusty Part IV to be on hand!!  As I had offered to go down to Running Susan and John's this morning to sort out a couple of things on their PC he decided to wait until I returned before starting.
It really was the most glorious day today and the drive down the hill out of the village offered some stunning views across to the sea.  Everything is much greener now and less barren.  I took the first turning (at the Cybarco Sign) to the Reads' house which takes you right along the edge of a valley and yet more views across to the mountains.  It was pouring with rain the last time I passed that way so I never had the opportunity to take a photograph so I made sure that I did today.  I can see why Susan and John chose such a stunning location for their home - the 360 degree views are priceless, and perched up as they are they are never in any danger of having something built to spoil them.
I sorted out a couple of things on their laptop and installed a bit of software which will enable me to log in and sort things out from home rather than drive down to their house - I checked with John that it was working first which it was so now if they do have a problem they only have to ring and let me have their access code and we are away - the wonders of technology!

Before I left John went down to his garden and came back armed with peppers and cherry tomatoes - Susan and I laughed because we said it was a bit like bartering - my IT skills for their home grown veg - sounds like a fair swap to me!!  Not too sure what I am going to do with the green peppers - they can repeat a little on me so I have them out in the conservatory at the moment trying to get them to ripen a little before I do something with them.  The cherry tomatoes will not be there long as they are sweet and full of flavour.
We spent the afternoon sealing - John couldn't get the same sealant as the men had used originally and was very unimpressed by what he had got as it was the consistency of ketchup so you can imagine that it was going all over the place - boy can he get stressy with things like that because he is such a perfectionist.  If I heard him say 'its not a very neat job' once I must have heard it a million times and I just wonder exactly who is going to be scrutinising the sealant around the edge of the conservatory! The final straw was when Chivers ran out of the house and put his paw in some of the sealant but we couldn't really get cross with him as he has had a traumatic day - we found a fully engorged tick in his fur (the photograph is not mine but it is to show you just how gross these things are) and I had to remove it being careful to make sure that I got the head out otherwise that can cause infection.  It is quite a painful procedure for the cats!
We had the remainder of the chili con carne to eat up and decided that we would watch a film.  We normally struggle to agree on what to watch but lately we have watched quite a few that we have both enjoyed.  Last night we opted for Outside Bet - right up John's street as he is keen on horse racing!!  Right up my street because it was billed as a gentle British comedy so no sci-fi for me to contend with!!  It was a nice film and SFP (Suitable For Parents) so I will be lending it to them to watch. 
We did a race round changing the clocks that we could - where the hell has this year gone?  It hardly seems five minutes ago that we were looking forward to the Summer and now it has been and gone.  In a couple of days we will have completed 18 months here and when I look around I can see that we have achieved a great deal.  The house is almost unrecognisable (thanks John you are so brilliant), we have new friends and new hobbies, John has a new football team to support and we are on hand as and when Mum and Dad need us and best of all no work - we don't miss it and don't want any!

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