Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday and I remembered we were going out...

After a lovely evening catching up with Nicky and Mark we woke bright and early.  It is quite strange sleeping in the same bedroom that we used to sleep in when Mum and Dad owned the house.  It took us a while to get used to the idea of going back after it was sold because it is a lovely house and one which we would have liked to have owned ourselves had we had the money.  Nicky and Mark are slowly but surely stamping their own identity on the house and as I have said before where rooms have been redecorated they have been done with great care and equally great taste.  I like their style and choices and as a sucker for nice bedding love the scheme in 'our bedroom' which is fundamentally a white room with bold splashes of colour.

After the storms of the last couple of days it was lovely to wake to some sunshine and look out to sea from the balcony.  All those years ago when Mum and Dad had the house built there was barely another house in sight and Nicky and Mark are lucky that although things have become rather more built up behind and to the sides of the house there is still a reasonably uninterrupted view out to sea.  The sun may have been bright but there was still quite a nip in the air but then it was still only about 7.30am!!

Mark and Nicky have put some rather nice furniture up onto the top patio which certainly makes good use of that space.  Underneath is an enclosed sun room - a fantastic area which gets sunshine nearly all day and which is the next room to get some Kirby attention.  It will be interesting to see what they do with that space.  Mark also has some very interesting ideas about the garden and turning it into much more of an outside room with stone walls and barbeque/eating areas - watch this space - if they go ahead it will look stunning!

We got back home not long after 8.00am to see two little faces pressed up against the conservatory door - I know that both John and I relax visibly when we know that our two little terrors are home safe and sound - its daft we know but they are our babies and we love them.

The day continued to be fine and bright if not slightly chilly as the wind was a bit keen.  It was an ideal day for doing some gardening and not before time as the plants have gone mad over the last week or so.  The solanums have about doubled in size so they were the first to get a haircut and look much better for it.  

I started on the weeding but there is so much to do only managed to scratch the surface - the only trouble is I may be ripping out seedlings from some of the plants in the garden but at the moment they all look the same to me!



Although it was a hunting day we seemed to be spared the 'too close for comfort' sound of gunshots which was a bonus.  We had decided it was time to remove the muslin blinds from the conservatory so that we could try and capture more of the winter sunshine.  It is tangibly warmer in there during the day so we took ourselves out there, John reading a book which Mark had lent him and me working on my mosaic gecko.  We were joined by the cats who were playing a game of extreme hide and seek.  For some reason Minnie is fascinated by the pebbles in the top of the large pot which houses the weeping fig and Chivers hates to think he is missing out on anything.  John disappeared indoors when the footie was on, he is still reeling from SUFC having lost their unbeaten record to what turned out to be a highly dubious penalty yesterday.

I managed to redeem myself today by remembering that we were going out with Helen and Al after I failed so miserably on Friday.  A million and one reminders on my phone helped!!  It had been our plan to go to the new little souvla shack in Prodromi but on entering it was like working men's club with two huge TV screens televising two different football matches although they were not located very far apart.  There was some rowdy card playing going on and some even rowdier Tavli, Men were positioned under the NO SMOKING signs firmly smoking, there was only Carlsberg to drink and there didn't appear to be any sign of any food being cooked so we hastily drank our drinks which were accompanied by a plate of apple and satsuma which to my mind really dont go with a beer and headed off to the Mystery Family Tavern which I have been past on many occasions and which looks quite nice.  Helen said that they had used it in the past with their cycling clients but not for some time.  It was ok - rather expensive when it came to drinks and our non-smiling waitress was rather curt but on the plus side they did have a roaring log fire and no-one was smoking!  We rounded off the evening with a coffee chez Smeatons before wending our way up the hill and to bed - temperatures had really dropped - only just in double figures - cuddling up required!

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