Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sunday - Goodbye Stalkers...

So last night we went to a Supper Club evening at Orexi which was Italian themed after Elena and Bassam's recent romantic trip - well romantic until they missed their flight home!!

We walked hoping that there was a short cut across to the 'Castle' but it there is we didn't find it!!!  Elena was entertaining 14 people so along with our Stalkers Wendy and Bill, Crafty Jane and her husband Mark (Jane wants me to give him a nickname so I need to think of something), Running Susan and Running/Football John and John and I there were six others sitting around the kitchen table.  Under such intimate conditions you soon get to know one another!!!

The food was delicious - particularly the salmon pasta which was a real winner.  It was all washed down with a glass or two of good old Kathikas wine!!! 

One of the diners had brought with him his guitar and once we had eaten we were all treated to a good old fashioned sing song with songs we knew and others which he had written himself.  It was such a brilliant end to a wonderful evening and so totally unexpected.  Wendy and Bill thoroughly enjoyed themselves and we were so pleased they got the opportunity to sample Elena's unique hospitality.

Just got some pictures from Crafty Jane taken on Olive Mark's phone so thanks Jane - NOTE TO SELF - NEVER GO OUT WITHOUT YOUR CAMERA!!!!!

It turned out to to be a very late night for some - not me - I just can't do very late nights anymore so did a 'Tommy Allan' and took myself off to bed when it all got too much for me but John and the Stalkers stayed up into the wee small hours so none of them stirred very early this morning.  

I was up at the normal time because the cats needed feeding so whilst the others caught up on their beauty sleep I sat in the conservatory and finished knitting up the wool that Wendy had brought for me so I now have a new scarf.  I am amazed at how easy the whole process was.  The wool is amazing and I shall definitely be looking for the wool shop in Geroskipou when I am next down that way because I would like to make another one.  Thanks Wendy for introducing me to yet another craft!!!  John is thrilled!!

After a bit of toast we said goodbye to Wendy and Bill but not before we packed some shutters and a frame into their little Picanto hire car!!!  Wendy had seen mine in the garden and wanted to do something similar back in Pissouri - we are awaiting photographs as we are sure Wendy will galvanize Bill into action and get them put up sooner rather than later!!

The lovely morning didn't last long and the weather deteriorated rapidly so that we were soon experiencing thunder rumbling around the hills and black black skies.  It didn't matter too much to us as we were feeling a bit jaded so a nice quiet day was in store.

Wendy and Bill on the other hand were travelling to Larnaca this evening to collect their son Stuart who is over for a week's well-earned break so we have our fingers crossed that the weather will be kind to them whilst he is over.  They all travel back together on Sunday and we are hoping to catch up with them again before they do but we are struggling a bit to find time.  We have olive picking and beach cleaning to look forward to this week along with a bit of retail therapy in Limassol on Friday when Mum and I go out for our girlie Christmas shopping trip.

Confined to barracks John settled himself down watching some episodes of Grimm whilst I decided to do a bit of cooking.  Mum had given me a bag of past their best tomatoes which she had been given and I wanted to do something different with them other than make soup.

I found a recipe on the internet for creating 'sun-dried' tomatoes in the microwave and thought I would give it a go.  It was fairly straightforward and the end result looked quite authentic.  Basically you just cut the tomatoes in half and scooped out the seeds, placed them face down on a plate and then sprinkled with a little salt and then cook on high for 15 minutes before turning the tomatoes over and cooking again on high for 15 minutes.  When finished I sprinkled over some olive oil and oregano before placing in the fridge in a container where apparently they can remain indefinitely.  They smell nice - will have to let you know what they taste like!

After my bit of cooking and although the weather was not good I sat out in the conservatory to begin the task of grouting my gecko which I have done in mosaic on a glass shelf.  It is a bit of a long job and two or three of the smaller pieces seem to have come unstuck - the glue seems to react with the grout for some reason.

I can honestly say we were both more than happy to have a quiet day today!

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