Thursday, 1 November 2012

Thursday - Pickleball - Rain Stopped Play...

It's official, autumn is upon us and I have had to dig out my fluffy slippers - for which I think I have to thank Vix!!!!  The temperatures this week have dropped considerably - last week I was moaning that it was too hot for pickleball and this week I have been looking out my winter woollies!!!  Wheelie Helen said that she had heard that there was going to be a ten degree drop and she wasn't wrong.  John is now itching to light the wood burner and the cats are circling around the rug in anticipation!  This year we are prepared though and in some ways I am almost looking forward to the winter.  Our house is most definitely a winter dwelling but then in the summer we don't spend much time inside so perhaps we have it the right way round.  Mum and Dad will be spending quite a bit of time with us over the festive season so we are keen to make sure we have it as comfortable as possible.  Today, for the first time in ages I had to have the immersion heater on to ensure that we had enough hot water for a shower - had we not been going down to Paphos we could possibly have waited as we did at least have some sun this morning but I was off to pickleball and there are standards darling!!!
Mum phoned this morning to say that the weather in Paphos was awful and that pickleball was doubtful - at that point we hadn't had any rain but overcast skies and the sound of thunder rumbling around.  Mum phoned at 12.00 to say that the weather had cleared and pickleball was on so we set off  but just as we were leaving for Paphos the heavens opened and I mean opened!!!  We had just stopped at the post office to check the post and could hardly see our hands in front of our faces - I sent John to check the post as I had put the immersion on and washed my hair and there are standards to maintain!!

We made our way down to Paphos where the weather improved considerably the further we got towards it.  We needed to fill the car up with petrol and went to the garage that we normally use (the orange one at the top of the Polis Road which was closed for a while for selling a reduced amount of fuel for the price paid!!!)  We still go there because having had their knuckles well and truly wrapped we hope that they aren't still ripping people off!!  We smile because we get the windscreen washed and the back window cleaned whilst the tank is being topped up and our attendant thought it was funny that we wanted to take her photograph.  This used to be standard practise throughout Cyprus but is getting less and less common nowadays.
By the time we got to Mum's the weather had turned itself around and the sun was shining although we could see lightning in the distance so we set off for pickleball and to begin with the weather was very pleasant which makes it so much nicer to play.  There was a wedding on at the Imperial Beach and we were so pleased that the rain held off long enough for the ceremony to take place but we only managed to play for about an hour before it got too wet and too slippy underfoot - what a difference a week makes - last week Jenny and I were moaning it was too hot!  The only problem with playing down in Paphos is that I have to make an early decision about going and then the weather can change by the time I get there.  It didn't really matter this week as John had come down with me and we were staying to eat with Mum and Dad afterwards.  Poor John is nursing a poorly little toe - he managed to kick a wooden pallet when he was wearing flipflops and it is now a brighter shade of pale and bloody painful - particularly as he had to squeeze his feet into trainers because of the rain.

As a treat we were having a KFC tonight - Mum loves it and so does John! We had decided that we would go down and eat inside rather than wait for them to make a delivery - so a bit of a family outing and a first for us! Nobody quite does fried chicken like KFC!! As Mum would say - it is her one weakness!! Just occasionally a bit of fast food hits the spot and after all the meals we have had recently with visitors it was nice for a change. We are now in a non-visitor period until the Stalkers come out in a couple of weeks so some normality has been restored - Nomination Whist and John (as the scorer) winning every time - strange that!!!

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