Thursday, 22 November 2012

Thursday - A trip out to Argaka

It was a glorious morning and we had arranged to meet up with Marmalade Annie at her house in Argaka to hand over the figs John had picked for her and to pick up a mirror which Annie had found loafing around and didn't want.  I didn't know exactly where Annie's house was so we had arranged that when we got to the Fly Again we should ring and then she would come and rescue us!  It was so beautiful that when we stopped I jumped out of the car to take some photographs of the coastline.

As always it is several degrees warmer down by the coast so for mid-November it was very pleasant indeed and it was only a matter of minutes before Annie's friend had come down to the Fly to show us where her house was. Annie has only recently moved to this house and she is still finding her feet - and bits and pieces she doesn't want apparently! 

Our free culinary gifts today were some grapefruit and unripe papaya fruit which were growing in Annie's garden.  They grow on quite an attractive plant that looks a bit like a large fatsia.  I have had a look on tintyweb and apparently the unripe green fruit can be eaten cooked in curries, salads and stews particularly in Thai and Indonesian cuisine and Annie said that she fries it in butter and it has a flavour a bit like parsnip.  I shall have to check out a recipe and give it a go - maybe it can be turned into soup!!

The mirror which Annie gave me was ideal for what I had in mind.  We removed the white plastic surround and I got John to attach it to the wall in between the shutters.  My plan is to find some flat pebbles and stick them round the edges.  The mirror reflects the pool and the view and gives people a chance to check out their appearance before they leave the house!!!

I was at pickleball this afternoon - the conditions were perfect - warmer than I had anticipated.  They have been playing pickleball here for years but sadly the hotel is closing for a complete makeover at the end of November and when it reopens it will be as some sort of Spa and they will be unable to offer us the courts - and apparently there have been complaints about the noise that our graphite bats make when they hit the airball.  I can't believe it personally but there isn't much we can do about it.  We have left Tom to try and find an alternative venue and if he can find somewhere where they play badminton that will be ideal because we play on a badminton court but with a tennis net.  There is a place in Emba so we are hopeful they might be willing to give us a slot.

John and I stayed for Tea at Mum and Dad's - Mum had made pasty-pie - one of my favourites!!  Mum is busy trying to perfect her pasty pastry recipe and tonight's effort was really very good.

Mum had bought me my Christmas Poinsettia - I have managed to save the one I had last year which was superb until it got a right old battering when outside during a storm.  The new one is humungous so I hope I can manage to keep it going and looking nice.  This has reminded me that I need to get my act together and write the few physical Christmas Cards that we still send to family because Stalker Wendy has agreed to post them in the UK for me.  Then I will need to find the electronic one that we will be sending to everyone else.  I can't believe there is only a few weeks to go - I really must try and get my act together!!

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