Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Tuesday - DIY Day...

I went to bed early last night, kept company by Chivers, whilst John put himself through the agony that comes with being a Sheffield United supporter.  They managed a win last night against Portsmouth, albeit a late penalty but then they all count and the Might Blades retain their unbeaten run this season. 
I did not sleep well last night - I don't know why there was loads going through my head.  Also Minnie Mou is not well - she appears to have been in some sort of fight and it might even have been with Chivers - whoever it was appears to have bitten her back end or tail - she is clearly in pain when we pick her up and she is carrying her tail very low.  I like to make sure that I hear her come in at night but for some reason last night I didn't. 

We were up early this morning - Tuesday is one of the few days that John and I spend together and we like to get some sort of project done.  Today, because it was glorious, we wanted to try and sort out the gaps that have appeared where the house meets the concrete plinth that it stands on.  We are sure that when it rains the rain seeps down into the gap and then is sucked up by the walls of the house.  It would certainly look that way if you look at the blown plaster that appeared in the spring.  It was my job to clear the area so that John could get in and start working.

John's resettlement courses have come into their own as he did a bricklaying course so he is a dab hand at mixing cement!!!!  The object of the exercise was to put a fillet of cement down - John was mixing and slapping it down and it was my job to 'feather it in' which was not without some discussion as I was aware that my work was not up to John's standards.  A full and frank discussion ensued when it became clear I just had to buck my ideas up and get the job done to JWW's satisfaction!
This is the first area that we did, which is in front of our bedroom and this is my first attempt at the feathering in stuff and personally I didn't think it looked too bad although when it came to the second wall I was much more confident and my work better - in fact John said it wasn't too bad at all which is high praise indeed from the Master of All Things DIY!!!
It was exceptionally hot working in the front garden today - in fact I caught the sun which seems mad when it is almost November!  I was pleased when John said it was a job well done as it was one that we have been meaning to do for ages.  We just need to get some masonry paint to finish the job off and then we can put at tick in that particular box.  You see we can work well together when we put our minds to it!!! 
Having got up early and having got on with the first job on our list we had loads of time to do more around the garden and at the moment we are concentrating on the front - it is coming along nicely and as it gives the first impression of our home we are keen to get it right.

We had some shutters left over (either from our windows or ones which we have rescued from elsewhere) which John could see would fit perfectly under the pergola.   We are now in two minds as to what to do with the space inside - we are thinking a mural or a mirror or some flat back urn - watch this space!!

Our final job today was to construct a box to fit over the outside gas box to protect it from the weather.  For this John used some wood from old pallets and the old wicker screening we rescued from Shaun and Sharon and a couple of tiles left over from doing the car port - and guess what????  I got the job of staining it!!!

We worked so hard today that we didn't stop for lunch so I wanted tea to be a bit special.  We were having pork loin and I decided to cook it in the same way that Klaus had cooked the Kickin Chicken we had for lunch yesterday.  It was faaaaaaaaaaaaabbbbbbb and I served it with salad and some hassleback potatoes - we are now sat watching the TV with a bottle of Lidl's finest Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon, all candles lit, full tummies and a satisfied glow (maybe that is down to the sunburn!!).

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  1. Have told BB I want one of those windows on my wall - measuring up now!