Friday, 7 December 2012

A Quiet Friday - Family and Fitos...

We get some cold and clear nights now and the recent full moon was stunning to see with that little star nearby in the bottom left corner.  At one point there had been a halo of cloud with the moon poking through but I couldn't capture it on camera unfortunately!  We are not quite at the stage of needing the next tog duvet on the bed thank goodness and it is hard to imagine that before long we are going to need the topper and the electric blanket!!

Despite the cold nights the days at the moment are glorious and today was no exception with a very respectable 25 degrees this morning and low humidity which is a bonus because we suffered badly with humidity last year - probably not helped by having to use the Super Ser gas heaters which are renowned for creating humidity.  The trouble with humidity is that it causes mould and can make dried products in the pantry go damp.

On the subject of dried products I was on a cake baking fest today as Mum and Dad were coming up this afternoon with their friends Trevor (of our picnic table fame) and his wife Beryl.  I had offered to serve up tea and stickies so I needed to have some stickies.  We had thought about nipping down to Polis bakers and buying some but I thought I ought to make them instead particularly as I had some fruit and yoghurt that needed using up.

I managed to rustle up a citrus drizzle cake, an apple and sultana cake and, just for John, some shortbread.  The citrus cake was perfect, the apple sultana cake was a new recipe and although the cake tasted ok you were told to add half the fruit onto the top of the mixture before baking and so the middle sunk with the fruit so I wouldn't do that again - having said that Crafty Jane called in to pick up some glace cherries I had which she was looking for to make her Christmas Cake and she tried a bit and said it was nice.  Poor Jane - the dogs she is looking after had tangled with her and her bike and she had some right old bleeding cuts on her legs - time to get out the Dettol!

Mum and Dad, Trevor and Beryl arrived and we sat out in the conservatory - Trevor and Beryl were in their shorts - typical holidaymakers!!!  They had been to ours ages ago and could see plenty of changes - positive thank goodness.  Beryl was particularly taken by the garden which, after its weed, is looking lovely at the moment as everything has sprung to life after the harsh summer sun just before it gets decimated by the winter rains!

As we went to say goodbye to our guests the sun was beginning to go down and streaking the sky with crimson colours - it was stunning and we were hopeful that this was a sign of a lovely day again tomorrow - fingers crossed!!

I hadn't really organised anything for tea so we decided that we would go out although it was only 5.00!!  We decided that we would try Fitos up the road because if he was closed we could shoot back and dig something out of the freezer.

We were delighted that when we got to Fitos it was open and we could see that the grill was on and there was a bloody great Christmas tree inside!!! Joanna explained that her children could not wait so she had put it up.  She also told us that she cooks all day until late which is a bonus so we settled for a chicken souvlaki pitta for me and a pork chop for John and we really enjoyed it.

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