Monday, 10 December 2012

John checks out Badminton...

Trying to keep my Blog up-to-date is proving to be an absolute nightmare as I constantly have to extricate my laptop from Chivers bum!  I don't know if it is because the laptop is warm or what but he loves sitting on it when I have it plugged in to charge.  There are times when I have no idea what keys he may or may not have pressed as there is all sorts of rubbish on the screen when I manage to turf him off - not to mention the crap that falls into the keyboard when he has finished picking his feet!!!

If he is not proving to be a pain sitting on my laptop he is often to be found cuddled up on our bed.  I know we said we would keep the cats out of the bedroom but quite often he is the one telling us it is time for bed and gets himself so comfy you just cant move him or at least we don't have the heart to move him.  The only trouble is that now he grown up a bit and has his full winter coat he weighs a ton and pins down the covers so that you can turn over and then find yourself freezing as the duvet has stayed put!  Either that or he positions himself so there is no room for your legs and so you have to sleep in a contorted position!

At art my new picture is beginning to take shape but poor Sheila gets little done as I am constantly asking her to sharpen pencils for me!  There is a tremendous amount of blending required for this subject.  I remember years and years ago going to a drawing and water-colour class and having to reproduce a piece of crumpled white paper and learning that there are all sorts of colours within something that is white so although the lilies are white there is green and orange and pink and brown evident in the shadings. 

John was picking me up from Sheila's and giving Crafty Jane a lift down to Prodromi where John and Jane were playing Badminton at the Bowling Club whilst I was at my Greek Lesson.

John had been persuaded to try out the Badminton by Irene when we had been clearing up Orexi Elena's garden last week.  He used to play quite a bit and we did play together for a while at Stanchester School although I never really liked partnering John because I am rubbish really and he found my distinctly average performance frustrating!  So I think it is good for him to have this as a hobby of his own and he can boss Crafty Jane around on the court (or is it the other way round??).  I would be going down to Prodromi at that time anyway and I can get a bit of shopping done after my Greek lesson and before he finishes.  He said he had enjoyed it and put is name down to play again next Monday.  At least it is something else to do and as a new venture Bryn who organises it needs support to make sure it doesn't fold.

I had been given a huge bag of lettuce and rocket by Mum at the weekend so felt I should be doing something with it so managed to find a recipe for creamy lettuce, rocket and mint soup.  Being in a complete Not Throwing Anything Away mode I decided to give it a try - adding a bit more seasoning than the recipe required in order to give it a bit of a kick.  It was a bit of a strange colour but actually tasted quite nice although the consistency was a bit 'bitty' - I think if I do it again I would liquidise completely rather than use the hand blender.  Anyway Mum and Dad can try it on Wednesday evening when they will be staying overnight and then they can give me their verdict!

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