Wednesday, 12 December 2012

LLC Christmas Lunch...

In Emba the morning broke clear and bright and Mum and I were able to sit outside and have our early  morning coffee.  We didn't hang about too long as we could see dark clouds collecting and the rain threatening.

I rang John to see if he needed anything brought back to Droushia and he asked me to get a starter relay for the poorly fridge so it meant we had to shoot off to Nikolaos to try and get it.  Although Nikolaos stocks all things electrical it didn't stock what I needed and although Dad tried several other shops we were unable to locate one.  Not good news although to be fair John did say that he wasn't sure if he replaced it whether or not that would fix the problem.

I suggested he talked to Olive Mark this afternoon when he was helping him move some furniture from one rented house to another so that Mark can set to work decorating the empty one as he has prospective new tenants - we know who it is going to be but until everything is signed sealed and delivered we don't want to put the mockers on it!!

It was reasonably bright when we got back to Droushia - John was still trying to sort out the fridge or at least put it back together!!  We were all going out for Lunch today.  Mum was joining me and the other Droushia (and surrounding areas) Ladies for lunch and John was going to take Dad to Fitos's kiosk for a pork chop.

Our lunch this month was very kindly organised by Sue Westhead.  Poor Sue has been having a bit of a nightmare time of it of late what with builders and dentists and organising two lunches.  She had been having some difficulty with our booking which was at The Farmyard in Kathikas.  To be honest John and I had been before and not been overly impressed but we are always willing to give somewhere a second chance and I was very grateful that someone else was doing the organising.  Having said all tha,t at the end of last week we weren't entirely sure that the proprietor wanted us there as he had agreed to open specially but was expecting a rather larger group.  So it was with some trepidation that we pitched up and my expectation levels were not very high.

On arrival we were given a very warm welcome, the table was laid out in readiness and there was a gas patio heater belting out a nice amount of heat.  Savvas was there and seemed happy enough to see us and Mum and I headed for the seats by the heater!

Our group of fifteen soon assembled and we were issued with our numbers so that we could have our meals billed separately and the meal began.  I have to say that the food was very good - I had a lovely crisp Greek Salad to start, Mum had soup, we both had a chicken stroganoff with rice and then topped it off with the most delicious bread and butter pudding I think I have ever tasted - it must have been good because Mum even ate some and she never does puddings.

We had a good lunch, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and their food and Mum and I returned to Droushia as the sun was beginning to break through the clouds and a rainbow was being formed.  Dad was there sat in the conservatory doing a sudoku with the help of Minnie Mou.  John was off helping Olive Mark.

Dad said that he and John had a good lunch in Fitos and that there were five other blokes there whose wives were eating with our group at The Farmyard!!  So at least two establishments in Kathikas benefited from the ex-pats today!

I probably would go back to The Farmyard again and as it will be open over Christmas will probably go with Mum and Dad.  I will have to revise my statement "The Farmyard - not for us!" to "The Farmyard - I will give it another try".

John returned from Arodes shortly after us and lovely lovely Olive Mark knew of someone in Argaka who repairs fridges so he had kindly lent us a fridge freezer to tide us over and was going to take the poorly fridge to Argaka for us. What a sweetheart!

We had a mega Noms-fest this evening which went on until the wee small hours and thank goodness we had called into Kolios to get a new 10 litre carton of red wine because we knocked a small hole into it during the course of the evening!!  

John has been itching to light the wood burner and this evening he was able to use Mum and Dad as his excuse to fire it up (excuse the pun!!) this was of course after he had had the gas fire burning for a while!

I have to admit it soon warmed the house up and it looks so cosy and inviting  but we do have to reign in John's enthusiasm and mission to make sure that our house is visible from space!!

We persuaded Mum and Dad to have the electric blanket on for a while as their bedroom can feel incredibly chilly and although they don't like a warm bedroom, being cold in bed isn't pleasant so at least if they retire to a warm bed they can relax and hopefully have a good night's sleep.

Having said that I think the red wine would have helped anyway!

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