Sunday, 23 December 2012

There's a Rat in me Kitchen what am I gonna do...

There`s a rat in me kitchen what am I gonna do?
There`s a rat in me kitchen what am I gonna go?
I`m gonna fix that rat that's what i`m gonna do,
I`m gonna fix that rat.

You think I am joking but I am not...  (well actually it was in the dining area) John got up this morning to feed the cats and get the coffees and I was summoned to get my camera.  This rat was lying on the carpet next to the drinks chiller as stiff as a board - how disgusting.  I couldn't see any evidence of blood shed so I don't know whether or not Chivers just found it dead or whether he killed it - we are blaming Chivers but it could have been Minnie Mou although we are doubtful.  I scraped it up using the fire shovel and dumped it unceremoniously in our rubbish bin out in the road.  We didn't want to chuck it anywhere where the cats might find it and bring it back.  Once the offending item was removed the cats were very confused and kept sniffing around the lounge and dining room trying to find what had happened to their latest toy.  We had a good hunt round to make sure we hadn't missed anything before we felt able to eat our breakfast - not the start to the morning we had anticipated!!

The cats soon forgot and Chivers was undeterred taking a vantage point on top of the shed in search of further prey - either that or he felt it was the safest place to be when he realised that our regular visitor Fluffer was in her sleeping place and emerging for a quick snack before taking herself off back to number 12b!!!

Minnie is singularly unimpressed by Fluffer's presence in our garden.  She runs round with her hackles up looking about twice her size but isn't brave enough to do anything else.  Fluffer remains oblivious - she has bagged herself a nice warm bedroom with a snackette on the side - what more could a girl want??

Now that Feral Cat Irene is back from the UK and feeding the cats Fluffer will have the best of all worlds as Irene always makes sure that Fluffer gets special attention and special food because she is actually a very sweet and loving cat who spends a lot of time on her own and would make a lovely house-cat for someone - unfortunately we are not that someone.

It was another lovely bright day and just before midday John noticed that the temperature inside and out was exactly the same 15.6 degrees.  I know that in the UK you would kill for temperatures in double figures but we are now finding mornings and evenings chilly.  In fact if you sleep with your arms out of the bed clothes then in the mornings they are bloody cold!!!  John is worried that Mum and Dad are going to find it cold.  It is certainly considerably colder in general - Mum and Dad haven't needed to put their immersion on much at all yet but even on a sunny day here we still need to boost it or else it is a bit lukewarm and I like to enjoy a shower not endure it!!

John was off to Ayia Marina with Running John to watch the football this afternoon and I know he gets a bit cold sitting down so I decided to get something in the slow cooker to warm him on his return.  I am also trying to clear a bit of space in the freezer and still not throwing anything away so today's concoction was a chicken and bacon, apple, onion, ginger and red pepper casserole which I would be serving with hedgehog potatoes and a shredded cabbage, carrot and pea accompaniment - veg box is now empty ready for a refill when I go shopping on Monday (we are eating at Mum's tomorrow).

I spent the afternoon clearing some space in the wardrobe so that Mum and Dad will have somewhere to hang their clothes over Christmas and then I concentrated on my Greek homework.  This week I am learning the weather - Είναι κρύο, αλλά αυτό είναι ηλιόλουστη - is is cold but it is sunny!!!  The light and warmth in the conservatory is so very welcome and I was kept company but both Chivers and Minnie Mou.

Having exhausted my brain with weather conditions and past tenses of popular verbs I decided to watch a film on the TV which we have  moved into the conservatory.  

The TV has an IPOD dock and after scrolling through loads of films I opted for a classic at this time of the year - Santa Claus the Movie - and settled down with Chivers to watch.  

As it started to cool down I managed to get the Super Ser lit and stayed out to watch the end of the film.  I had only just gone inside to check the state of the casserole when John came in from the football.  Apparently Ayia Marina had secured a 3-0 win.

We had a quiet evening enjoying our one pot meal and a couple of small glasses of wine!!

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