Saturday, 19 January 2013

Friday January 11th

I had a complete sense of humour failure today.  John was going to the dentist to have the impressions done for his new (and costly) crown and so I was up and in the shower enjoying the hot water as it was bloody freezing in the house, had just soaped up my hair when the electric suddenly went off without warning.  The men who were connecting up the telegraph poles in the field next door were back and had just cut us off without warning.  I went out with my hair wrapped in a towel and shouted at them but they just laughed, shrugged and said it would be out for three or four hours!  

John went up to try and find who was in charge and got no further - the workers weren't in the least bit interested and started talking and laughing amongst themselves.  John told them in no uncertain terms that he could understand and muttered 'Mallaka' as he was leaving - this is not a nice word but it is the only swear word we know because I have had it shouted at me when I was turning the car round in the road in Latchi.  Let's just say it rhymes with Banker and to be honest I would have said it too - we are buggered without electricity and poor John had to satisfy himself with a submariners dhoby - I had to stick a hat on to cover my embarrassment and looked a right plonker Rodney.

We arrived at the dentist with John hacking and spluttering because he gets this sort of nervous throat thing when faced with the thought of someone messing with his teeth but he was a big brave bunny and let Elena get on with what she had to do and even though the first impression got spoiled he was done and dusted within about 20 minutes and will have to go back next week for the next stage. 

Because he had been a good boy and taken his punishment and because we had no electricity to be able to make one for ourselves this morning we decided to to into the cafe in Paps for a coffee.  We haven't been in there for ages.  It is one of the cheapest places to have a coffee and we plumped for a latte with a topping of cream which was lush (John said it was like having a pudding) and was the princely sum of €1.90 and I know I promised not to be one of those ex-pats who goes on about the price of a coffee but when you are here you just can't help yourself!!!

There was an offers flyer on the table so we were able to take a look at what we wanted and whether or not it was going to be a bargain.  Even though Paps has no real competition in Polis now that the Orphanides Express has gone the prices have remained quite stable although we have noticed an increase in milk and eggs recently.  On the subject of Orphanides apparently the remaining stores may be saved by its suppliers - this has to be good but god only knows what will happen to the store in Polis as it really isn't big enough for a supermarket - we could do with a decent clothes store.

We needed to go and tax the car and the bike at the Co-Op bank today.  Well we needed to get them taxed before the end of the month otherwise we get penalised.  It is all very straight forward as you just hand over your log book and they tell you what you owe.  Neither the tax for the car nor the bike has increased this year which is a bonus and the tax on the bike is only €10 for the year!!!  We laughed as we waited in the bank to be served as there was a traffic warden on duty and there are yellow lines outside the bank but every Cypriot just drives as close to the doors as possible irrespective of lines and the traffic warden just seemed to pass the time of day with them - we didn't see a single ticket being written out but you could have bet your bottom dollar that if it had been us it would have been a different story.  We were good people and parked in the proper carpark next to that lovely car in the picture above which never seems to move.

We came home for a bit and were pleased that the electricity was back on thank goodness.  John was having a mega badminton fest playing in a private session at lunchtime and then the normal afternoon session between 2.00 - 4.00  I was staying at home to do some Greek homework - I have tricky past tense verbs to get to grips with and they need a lot of concentration.  It was lovely and warm in the conservatory although the temperature in the house was a paltry 14 degrees and the wind outside was bitter.  Sun makes all the difference and sun through glass even more so.  I did a little homework and then decided to do some tidying in the conservatory as I wanted to move the chiller out as we don't use it - the conservatory has been looking cluttered partly because I have a load of plants which I have brought inside to protect them - I can live with a mess for so long and then I have to do something about it.

It is Friday night - we are snuggled down with the log burner roaring and we are all appreciating it - the cats in particular who are cuddled up together making the most of it.  We have been abstemious all week so the red wine has been opened - even though we are retired Friday nights are special and still mark the end of the week and the beginning of the weekend.

Boy what a difference a week makes - this time last week we were beside ourselves with Chivers and his ill health.  He is now back to his old self although still a little underweight.  Minnie Mou weighs more than him and looks like a weeble as she is rather pear-shaped.

By the way John finally relented today and let me get him a new SIM card for his phone as we were passing the CYTA shop in Polis.  It only cost €7.50 so I don't know why he resisted for so long - piso git!!  His old phone is currently on charge and when the SIM has been registered stand by to be notified of his new phone number.

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